Hello from HUbercast

Hey everyone,

You may know me in-game as HUbercast/HUcassie (Whitill/Redria). Just thought I'd pop in here and say hello.

I am always down to help people hunt rares, and hope they return the favor. My ID is always up for grabs, if I'm not already busy. I'm mainly looking for a Red Sword and some Redria Armor pieces right now (in ULT), so if you want to lend a hand...

And, I'm always looking for people to party up with, so if you see me in game, and there's a slot open, jump on in.

Thanks, and see you in game.


Re: Hello, guess who?


Do not hesitate to ask for help even if I look afk.

You made Hucast I saw, so If you want to do some ttf tell me.

Later! ;)


Re: Hello, guess who?

Pretty sure I've seen you around in-game. Glad to see you on the boards! Welcome and happy hunting!