Goods From The BigBreak



Welcome. Feel free to tell me if you are interested in something. I love to barter.
* Ignore All Prices, give me any offer. I'm going for the Prophets*

191 PDs to go

Hot Items

Double Cannon 30%M 20%D (Treat it Well) T_T
Soul Banish 25%AB 25% Hit

Charge Cannon 55%hit - 3pds
Gush Arms 35%machine 55%hit 5pds
Demon's Arms- 45%D 40%Hit - 2pds
Hell Laser - 40% N 50%D 40%hit - 3pds
Hell Handgun 50% (hit) -2pds
Claymore 60% H
Some kinda large sword - 50%AB 50%M 50%H
Hell Gungir 40% D 50% hit -3pds
Flowen's Sword 0084 30%N 30% hit-

L&K combat 14 30%hit - 1pd
Red Mechgun 15%N 20%M - 1pd
Red Mechgun 55%M 15%H- 3pds
Bravace 50 N 25%hit 1pd
Twin Psycho gun 25%N 25%Hit - 2pds
Yasminkov 2000h - 20%N - 1pd

Tyrell Parasol 15%M 15% D- 1pd
Tyrell Parasol 20%N 25%M - 1pd
Soul Banish 35%M- 2pds
Twin Chakroms 15% H - 2pd
Guardianna 35%M 45%Hit
Meteor Cudgel 25% D 30%hit 7pds
Solferino - 25% A.beast - 3pds

Shields and Armor-

Spirit garments - 0 slots 2pd
Brightness Circle 0 slot 190df - 2pds
Resta Merge 5pds
Spirit cuirass 4 slots - 4pds
Flame Garment 0 slots - x2 (best goes first) 2pds
Smoking plate 0 slots 2pds
Wedding Dress 0 slots

yasakani magatama - 1pd
God Battle - 1pd
Perfect Resist - 1pd


Amp of yellow - 1pd
Amp of Red - 1pd
Heaven striker coat 1pd
De Rol Le Shell
Lvl 20 shifta, deband, jellen, zalure,- 1pd each
lvl 15 shifta, deband, jellen, zalure - 1pd each
lvl 30 shifta - 1pd

To be Continued...

Meseta- 3 per stack


Type DS/Wand
Prophets of Motav
Meteor Cudgel 40%H with D
Twin Psychogun 50%+ Hit
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