Goodbye , Was a good Timed Good luck for all.

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Hello my dear fans.
Its me The Famous Nagger and this is my last visit and post Here .
I was banned From game and i dont really know the reason but i guess is time to say goodbye .

I must say it was fun to go back to PSO.
Play as a team feed my mag talk with people.
In spite of everything bad, and the constant offenses that a name can bring
it's not my way to blame others , things start and end
there is not a great drama because all the changes are good
just yesterday I was very happy to find a limiter now I'm a little sorry that it's wasted, I would have liked to donate it
But things are like that
I must say that I do not regret anything because there is nothing to regret

I think I could have met more people and found some friends, in the end I suspect that more than the level and the weapons, the game is more about that, but not everything depends on oneself

The people who were so upset by my presence I hope that now they can be happy, although I also suspect that now that I am leaving, they will look for some other objective in common but it is something that I do not really care about.

I decided to do this post to thank and say goodbye to those people who helped me during my stay in the game and to say goodbye to the few people with whom I had pleasant conversations.
There are several Sorry if I do not name each person
It was a pleasure to play with you

I make a special mention to mew that I have known for a long time, I will miss you. I hope you write to me from time to time so as not to lose communication.
I allow myself to leave my mail for those who like to communicate

and I think in some time to start a blog about movies and subjects in general who likes to visit it when it is ready can do it possibly on facebook.

By last

I had thought to put some images or logos to illustrate a bit what was my stay in the game
but it is possible that this post is deleted so I will not delve into the subject

But for anyone who wants to know about my stay in the game and want to know the reality behind the "Nagger inccident "
I leave a file, this contains the captures of the relevant things during my stay and also contains the logs
it is possible that someone finds it fun to see how educated their playmates are
I am sure that more than one will be surprised to find some other inappropriate behavior.

no, not mine, but you can look for some
[Link removed, really don't need drama whoring]

for people who thought I was a troll
I regret to tell you, that my only interest was to have a good level again and play occasionally

Without much more to say I dismiss, have a good event and thanks to the person who provides the server.
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