Forum Suggestion: Profile Alts Listing

Lotus Eater

This, too, shall pass.
Hey, putting this here because it doesn't really fit in the existing suggestions subforums.

I'm wondering if anyone but me would want an alts tab on the profile page or something. Sometimes I find it hard to know who's who on the forum, and sometimes I encounter people in-game who I'd like to talk to again, but who left too soon after missions for me to get their card. I figure it'd resolve that problem to have a dedicated space for people to list the names of their characters.

Sorry if I missed something and that already exists! I know you could theoretically list them in the "About Me" blurb thing, it just isn't as obvious/doesn't stand out as much.

Sorry also if this comes out as complete nonsense. It's 6 AM and I shouldn't be writing this now anyway, probably.