1. Lotus Eater

    Forum Suggestion: Profile Alts Listing

    Hey, putting this here because it doesn't really fit in the existing suggestions subforums. I'm wondering if anyone but me would want an alts tab on the profile page or something. Sometimes I find it hard to know who's who on the forum, and sometimes I encounter people in-game who I'd like to...
  2. M

    Forum: NoScript XSS warning

    We have a new font, right? Looks nice. Or is it a fallback font (as the log says it couldn’t download a certain font). Anyway, not sure if related, but the Firefox add-on NoScript now gives a [NoScript XSS] warning when visiting the forum. According to the log: Original URL...
  3. M

    An Ephinea subforum for game questions

    Can we get another subforum for questions and discussions about the game itself (i.e., characters/skills, quests, items etc.)? While a big part of the topics would probably be relevant for any other PSO(BB) server, too, there will be questions that especially apply to Ephinea, so it would make...