Finding specific high level techs (Foie, Gifoie, Rafoie)


So I've managed to get most of my techs to decent levels, at least above 20, except for Grants (which I'm not particularly going out of my way for) and the -Foie series. I've been able to find Gibarta, Rabarta, and the Zonde series in my favorite farming spot in Seabed, but I can't seem to find any good disks in the Foie family. Any suggestions for where to reliably look?

PW3, You kill 3 squids 1st room go left. Kill 6 squids + two morofos go straight. Squid in halllway, go right + warp. Shit ton of boxes, for meseta, selling items, lvl 27-3 techs here often, pds etc etc
ah keep trying man. You'll get some 28 & 29's soon. 30's might take sometime though.
Actually, while we're on the subject of tech disks, I was looking to add Episode 4 to my spreadsheet. Are there equivalencies to certain Episode 1 maps or are they a completely different table? Thanks in advance for anyone that knows.
I'm getting 28's and 29's of pretty much everything except the Foie family, is the thing. I'm not getting SDJZ either, but those are less of a concern... for the moment.
Finally found a Foie and Rafoie at decent levels, along with another Amp of Red. Nice!

I should probably find a Red Barrier and a Blue Barrier to use with my amps.