1. Spuz


    Closed for now since I have a whole bunch of sets sorted. Any leftover techs I want will go onto my B> Thread
  2. EvilUpholsterer

    S> Techniques (Lv 15, 20, 29)

    Selling a bulk lot of spare techniques that are sitting around in my bank. All priced at 8:1 PD, however if you wish to buy a bulk amount, I'll sell them for much cheaper. - Anti Lv5 (x5) - Gibarta Lv15 - Rabarta Lv15 (x2) - Zonde Lv15 (x2) - Gizonde Lv15 - Razonde Lv15 (x4) - Deband Lv15 (x2)...
  3. Magby

    Magby's Trade List (CLOSED)

    Discord: Magby#8722 (I will be able to reply faster) Open to offers on most items :) ___________________ I take Photon Drops / Meseta / Photon Crystals 1PD : 500k Meseta : 1PC ____________________________________ WEAPONS UNITS ARMOURS BARRIERS/SHIELDS TECHNIQUES MATERIALS...
  4. Forsaken16

    B> V502 for 40 PDS!!! , V501, Heaven Striker Coat (mag cell) || Done found all ty

    Will pay very well for the V502. 40 PD's! Will pay 6 for the 501 Easiest way is to message me on discord! Forsaken#0744 But i will still be checking this daily and my messages as well! Thank you! If my prices don't match what you are looking for, please let me know and we can work something...
  5. Theria

    A> Razonde 30 (SOLD)

    Sold to @Arsuru at buyout price! Reserve: 30 PDs Buyout: 70 PDs Wants: PDs, PGF (35 PDs), Type/ME Mechguns (6 PDs), S-Parts Ver2.01 (14 PDs) 48 hour countdown w/ 24 hour resets
  6. Spuz

    B> Gibarta Lvl 30 [DONE]

    This is the only tech I need for my FOnewm's full set.
  7. Kalantra

    Kalvo's Boutique

    Welcome! This is Ragol's pop up shop. We accept all major Pioneer 2 currencies! PD PC =1PD Meseta 500k =1PD 250k =.5PD 100k =.25PD Discord is the best way to get a fast reply! Kalantra#8543 I am on most nights after 5:30 pm CST. I will accept listed price or any reasonable offer. Thank you...
  8. Lileya

    S>Cheap Techs (also have free ones!)

    2 for 1 PD OR 1 for 1 luck mat OR 1 for 3 HP mats: Shifta Lv30 Shifta Lv30 Shifta Lv30 Shifta Lv30 Shifta Lv30 6 for 1 PD OR 3 for 1 luck mat OR 1 for 1 HP mat: Foie Lv29 Foie Lv29 Foie Lv29 Foie Lv29 Foie Lv29 Foie Lv29 Foie Lv29 Foie Lv29 Foie Lv29 Rafoie Lv29 Rafoie Lv29...
  9. Spuz


    I have PD's. Pending Buys: Force Wall - GSC Still Need: Amplifier of Gifoie & Rafoie + 1x Red Barrier or: 1 Amp + 1 Merge or: Both Merges or: any component of above. +Gizonde Merge or Amplifier of Gizonde.
  10. HighTheMemory

    Para's Shop

    Greetings all, updated quite a bit. See if there's anything you can't live without ;) [UPDATED: Fri, 8/18/17] MESETA FOR SALE (3M on hand) 333k = 1pd NON-RARE HU: Gladius +8 [Blizzard] [0/0/0/0|60] Gladius +2 [Blizzard] [0/0/0/45|50] Calibur +4 [Burning] [0/0/0/40|50] Calibur +6 [Blizzard]...
  11. Z

    Finding specific high level techs (Foie, Gifoie, Rafoie)

    So I've managed to get most of my techs to decent levels, at least above 20, except for Grants (which I'm not particularly going out of my way for) and the -Foie series. I've been able to find Gibarta, Rabarta, and the Zonde series in my favorite farming spot in Seabed, but I can't seem to find...