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Discussion in 'General' started by FLARE, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. FLARE

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    Crater Interior
    So I know that the focus of Ephinea is to give a mostly vanilla / vanilla+ experience. But it's easy to forget all of the great, more understated changes that have been made on Ephinea vs SEGA BB etc (indeed some were necessitated by a lack of data, like official Ep4 drop charts I reckon?)

    What are your favourite things about the Ephinea server, in terms of how it has been changed and altered to make for a better playing experience?
  2. 500ryu

    500ryu Mean team member #47

    Not on Sandbox mode idk why.
    Rabarta freezes everything here

    Apparently that's how it was before scht but it certainly shocked me when I joined

    Also seeing HP bars on enemies after nearly 10 years of guessing is cool

    HBR also provides something to do when there isn't an event active. Its also why you don't only see TTF and RT like other servers I believe. Definitely appreciate these changes

    I'm not sure what's more tedious having to wait 3 months to change your ID or making and leveling an ID change pre ID leader switch. But at least I don't have to make 6 characters
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  3. cameron-

    cameron- camcam Event Team

    Shared banks
    lobby command
    character banks
    tracked server side drops, no cheat engined or duped pds
    share xp
    stacking mats et al
    significantly reduced dmc
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  4. Alakaboom

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  5. Nikki

    Nikki meh...

    The changes/custom features are the only reason im willing to continue on a vanilla server tbh. There's so much QOL it really is game changing in a good way. *now if only we could fix those useless 1/5108942108302134 remaining drop rates*
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  6. Harborer of Hope

    Harborer of Hope That Others May Live! Staff Member

    Tropical! <3
    ALL the QOL perks that make Ephinea feel like 'HOME'
    Everything SCHTHACK WAS and WASN'T!
    Our warm and supportive community.
    Elitist sentiments are shunned
    No Donations for pay to win crap
    No Game breaking OP customized items or weapons
    Our server gods (as overworked or called upon as they are) at least TRY to give a Damn!
    When you log on...just look around...the reasons are too many to just put into words~! <3
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  7. Aleron Ives

    Aleron Ives Member

    Nah, it's a bug caused by improperly buffing Blizzard.
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  8. Dongra

    Dongra Member

    All of this except I don't find the dmc to be that reduced. All other changes are less great.
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  9. CTB

    CTB JK hate paused, busy!

    Chicago, Illinois
    The correct term is Unintended Feature.

    Anyway, Seasons and Juke Box (so I'm a little sad I can't try one out while the other has more or less peaked...)
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  10. realnabarl

    realnabarl Member

    It seems they shared with the same cap, bad.:eek:
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  11. Wil

    Wil HUmar Scum




    Multiple slots for more Characters.

    Most Multi-Player Quests enabled in Solo

    The Community is a lot better and tight-knit than other PSO servers I've played on.
    The Staff here is more transparent and openly communicates with members and their concerns than any previous server. I've even just had nice chats unrelated to PSO with Matt, Anime, etc.

    I know that everytime I take a break my friends will greet me as if I never left.
  12. Eistee

    Eistee Resident of Colony 9

    PSO2 drops for sure.
    Oh, really? I'd love to hear more about this.
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  13. Sodaboy

    Sodaboy Administrator Staff Member

    Benicia, California
    I’d imagine it has to do with both Rabarta and Blizzard accessing the same float in the code.

    I didn’t even know Rabarta got buffed with the change. Suppose I will have to go back and debug it, see where the Rabarta function is and point it to a new floating point which will be a copy of the floating point before being modified.
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  14. Alakaboom

    Alakaboom Member

  15. jajaswipo

    jajaswipo God Troll Revived

    SF Bay Area
    Can you really trust Ives :rolleyes:?
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  16. Nikki

    Nikki meh...

    RIP Hunl and HUmar having nice things
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  17. Aleron Ives

    Aleron Ives Member

    Correct. Gibarta, Rabarta, and Blizzard all use the same cap. You must detect the calling function and set a different cap depending on the caller in order to not buff Techniques alongside Blizzard. We already found and fixed this bug when buffing Blizzard on GC a few years ago. You end up with crazy OP Rabarta (in particular) otherwise.
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  18. Wil

    Wil HUmar Scum

    This is a conspiracy.
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  19. Kyu

    Kyu Tragic/Luck

    The Dark World
    And Clio for HUnewearls.
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    CARNAGE MAXIMUM Staff Member


    Matt's MAE & MAR
    Ender's Sweep Up!

    Content content content. Keeping this game fresh.
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