Fav srank w/ special combos

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Im curious whats your fav or most valuable srank with specials.

Mine hands down would have to be DEMON MECHs :)


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I like my Zalure Handgun the most, makes soloing on HUcast a joke.


Arrest needle for me. Makes solo so great, everything just stops. I would love to try zerk needle tho.


Michael J-Cutter let's you be a time traveling ninja, or there's Psycho Wand to fool the chinese players into buying it.


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Demons Needle cuz shredding off huge amounts HP from enemies in a nice range feels satisfying man. :cool:


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Favorite would be S-Rank Katana (Muramasa Katana, Spirit Special). Releases spirit of the katana, FFT reference. But admire my Demons MechGun.


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It's really fun!
Be prepared to die while getting used to it (or be me and just die a lot forever)
Freeze trap + SSS is COOL on some things

Edit: also it's probably a lot stronger on RAcast than on my classes l0l


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I traded away my OLSEN TWIN. I would have added spirit to it or berserk just because...


Favorite combos are Demon Mechguns, Zalure Handgun(situational), Hell & Arrest J-Cutters.

Yes, all of those are my favorites because they're so useful.


Deciding on my third S-rank right now. I have a Demons Mech and a Hell Needle. I'm considering a Zal Gun, Demon Needle, or Arrest Needle/J-cutter. Zal gun seems like an easy choice because my RAmar and new HUcast can both benefit from it in solo play. However, Arrest J-cutter would be really good for my cast and Arrest needle good for my RAmar. How is the activation for arrest needle on RAmar compared to J-cutter? I tried Arrest J cutter on my HUmar once and the fleshie activation was kinda crap and not reliable enough to be useful. Thoughts?