Event Egg chance doubled!


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In honor of sHADOW's wonderful new quest, 1 million kills last week, and because I'm such a GREAT PERSON (j/p), the chance to get Event Eggs on the server has been doubled.

The double rate will be in effect for the rest of the event (until April 9th), so do your best to get your item from the item shop and/or that jerk of a gambling NPC!

Enjoy, y'all!


JK hate paused, busy!
I hope you're not fuckin around cuz there is no way in hell I'm getting enough eggs without this


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I took a break for a few days but looks like its time to get back online!!!


Yay for newbies, almost nothing times two...
In all seriousness @Sodaboy , I wouldn't mind a few decent normal weapons with hit (for leveling) in the Egg shop for maybe 1 or 2 Eggs (I have 3 and played like 20+ hours during this event ? from lvl 1 to 60+)

As of right now, this event targets the highest geared/leveled people only.

I'm only slightly pissed, because okay there's a double exp going on for which I'm grateful :3


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Every event will always feel like that, there needs to be a pretty major incentive to play in the highest difficulty or people would be farming lower difficulties since they're a lot easier than Ultimate.

The drop rate for VH will be 1/500 with the double egg drop rate, and I found eggs quite easily on Ultimate before any rate boosts, so you'll most likely be fine with this event going. Furthermore the grind to Ultimate is not that long, especially with people winning 2x EXP a lot, the eggs just drop in every difficulty so people aren't totally left out before Ultimate.


I'll have to comment on the difficulty spike going from VH to Ult once I get there, but it's going to be pretty rough for me I think (especially HIT-wise and HP-wise).
I'not a great player by the way.


My only suggestion for events like these in the future is to add an incentive to form parties rather than to make a private room.

The lack of partying up outside of my team has encouraged me to go back to playing Final Fantasy XIV lol.