Ephineacon 2: Chicago Edition *6/11/19 update!

Do you want to come to Ephineacon2 in chicago?

  • yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! either july or june! 10000000% going!!!!!!

    Votes: 6 33.3%
  • yes, but only if july

    Votes: 1 5.6%
  • yes, but only if june

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  • no, just delete this thread already wtf

    Votes: 3 16.7%
  • maybe, i gotta see if i can get off work/school/etc

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racaseal n.n
Hi there! Today it is June 11th, and I have been needing to write this for a while but now since I am feeling less sick I can continue working on Ephineacon 2.

What I would like is if you’re actually planning to come, please RSVP and pay at least 15$ to attend before hand by June 30th. I honestly didn’t think many people would be interested, I expected maybe 4-5 people so I priced badges at 25$, so I knew I’d at least be able to afford the venue. Since the venue fee is taken care of I am not as worried. I just need an estimate of how many people plan to come.

There is another question as to, what would people even do at Ephineacon?

Planned activities include:

  • multiple CRT TVs with retro consoles

  • including a dreamcast with PSO!

  • a raffle with ~mysterious prizes~

  • dance floor with a badass bluetooth speaker/ aux cord

  • catered Local food ( yall gotta rsvp though!)

  • Cards Against Humanity and other board games

  • likely some snacks and refreshments

  • hang out with people you only saw as a hucast before

  • make friends with people who also like PSO

So here is some extra information and details on the event and the location. If anyone requires extra details please DM me on discord at trix#8633 or email me at seagrave@protonmail.com, which will also work for paypal. Thank you! :)

Ephineacon 2019

Saturday, July 13th

VFW Post 6791

431 N Neltnor Blvd,

West Chicago, IL 60185

extra information on reservations you can make:

Hampton Inn in Carol Stream, IL


Holiday Inn in Carol Stream, IL


Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, IL


note: these hotels arent affiliated with me I just thought the extra information on accommodations may help

UPDATE 5/7/2019!!!!!
I have paid off the venue fee in full. So Ephineacon 2 is officially a thing! The venue is VFW Post 6791 in West Chicago, IL. Its address is 431 N Neltnor Blvd, West Chicago, IL 60185. Despite the name of the town, this is not the city of chicago, but a suburb near it.
This venue is located near hotels at various price points, and many restaurants. I will make a larger update within a few days with information about the hotels, area, and other things to do.

The date of Ephineacon 2 is July 13th, 2019 and it officially starts at 12pm. Badges are 25$, and come with a free raffle entry and a catered meal.

Hey guys, I’ve been talking with @Cassie 9 and I have decided to host Ephineacon 2019, if possible.

Since I live in the chicagoland area, it will be in a suburb near chicago. I am considering either a date in June or mid July, and I have a few possible venues in mind based on the size and the amount of people potentially coming.

I'd like to gauge interest in this event, so if you're interested in coming, please reply in thread or to the poll. If you're replying in thread please state whether mid-july or june would be better for you. The poll will be open for 2 weeks.

Badges will be 25$, and preordering will be a huge help in affording this. I need at least 8 people to preorder to be able to afford the venue. The main venue I’m considering would be around 100-200$ for one day, maybe 300$. If somehow I come across the extra money, I know a guy I can rent a DDR cabinet from for the day for an extra 200-300$ including transportation and setup.

Currently, I have 50$ I can put towards this. However, I am an artist and I always have commissions open. If you’d like to commission me, that money will go towards ephineacon. I am also selling some of my old clothes on an app called depop to make extra money. I’m a minor who is in college and highschool and doing all this stuff on the side, so I am too busy to get a part time job.

If anyone is interested in donating or preordering a badge please DM me on discord (trix#8633). My paypal is trixie420666@gmail.com. Thank you for reading :]
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racaseal n.n
O'hare airport is around 40min away from the potential venue, and the city of Chicago is roughly 30miles away, by the way.


So I will 100% be attending and can help cover costs if need be, just keep me in the loop. I'll add you on discord if that helps.
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Can't say for certain whether I'll be in attendance, but I live in the area, so showing up wouldn't be impossible, just depends on the day and my situation at the time.