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  1. T

    Ephineacon 2: Chicago Edition *6/11/19 update!

    Hi there! Today it is June 11th, and I have been needing to write this for a while but now since I am feeling less sick I can continue working on Ephineacon 2. What I would like is if you’re actually planning to come, please RSVP and pay at least 15$ to attend before hand by June 30th. I...
  2. Cassie 9

    Ephineacon 2018: More Than Just a Meme

    ****UPDATE**** 2/20/2018 God, so many updates. But it's totally worth it because I'm excited to announce this! Ephineacon will have a raffle. It will mostly include PSO swag, with some other mystery items... They're a secret, but I think you're going to like them! Each person gets one Item...