Content Creators


Hey everyone! First time making a thread here so I hope I do it right. I was just curious if anyone knew any good PSO content creators? specifically either PSO or PS0 creators(while i don't actively play PSU and the PSP games atm I wouldn't mind those as well). I'd love to have some I can listen to or watch while I'm working or going to bed. And they've gotta be non political and not hateful and stuff, I don't wanna hear any of that while I'm just trying to see stuff of my fave game(I say this cause while looking for some in the past I ran into one that got weird like that). I mostly watch youtube, but if they're on twitch I could try getting used to that platform to watch them. If there's any ya'll watch that are still active please write them below and I'll check them out! thanks a lot in advance!!