Compatibility Mode Slowdown, Windows 10.


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I haven't had this issue in the past. It does seem rather odd.

I recently replaced my HDD with an 860 Evo SSD because of sector failures.
Fresh install of Windows 10.
I have been trying to get my PSOBB to run at at least the same efficiency as on my Windows 7 installation with lesser specs.

Now through all my testing I've noticed the source of an immense slowdown upon logging into a ship server. It seems related to compatibility mode as it only does this when the Windows XP SP2 compatibility is enabled. Where as if left default it loads fine but I am still experiencing more lag than on my Windows 7 PC with the same settings enabled.

To clarify again, on two other Windows 10 setups I had never experienced this issue before. It may very well be my own user error.

So here I am now, befuddled as I feel as if I am exhausting my solutions, and am grasping any straws of assistance that can be obtained by your responses.


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Bump, can anyone help with suggestions? I tried again recently after reading Windows had included a bug that caused game performance issues, still no go unfortunately.


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I wish I could help! Maybe something up with your 3D settings or something in your graphic control panel?

Also, how about your power management settings? Tried setting for maximum performance in both your 3D and your OS's power settings?


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Yes, I've got bloody knuckle computer skills i suppose, so I've optimized this installation like I always do. Even down to organizing programs in appropriate folders and having all icons under the start menu rather than the desktop. Running with minimal appearance enhancements to improve the performance, high performance power settings. Running Intel HD 4600 Graphics on an HP Envy with an Intel Core i7-4700MQ 2.40 Ghz. It can emulate Wii and PS2 games without issue. So it befuddles me that I have this slowdown.

I find it strange that it only does this upon logging onto the ship server indicating maybe a network adapter issue? Drivers are up to date, and this is my 3rd Win10 installation on this PC and the first with this issue. The strange thing is better performance with compatibility mode off but still noticeable lag. This is all on the minimum PSO graphic settings as well, which I haven't had to use in the past.


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No third party firewalls. I use Windows Defender and Firewall, I have added a pass through for PSOBB as well.
I just finished obtaining and running HP support to verify I have installed all the correct drivers (since I do most manually), and no issues detected.

I really just don't understand.


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Other fog settings? Made sure Intel isn't trying to apply AA? SSD Firmware updated? Process priority Above Normal (yolo)? Any performance difference between High and Low when you reach this point? Tried running PSO from an external drive?
Magic Conch? Anything change if you just disable Defender and Firewall? Try and let Windows do drivers instead of manually doing them? Monitored GPU/CPU/SSD/RAM utilization when going from title to lagsville? Is this slow down consistent like Vsync dropping you to 15FPS, or sub10 FPS can't tell?

Diagnostic programs are a shit with issues like this, unfortunately its usually a bunch of trial and error.


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Sub 10 FPS in XP compatability mode. Maybe sub 15 without.
Yes I've referred to posts here on pixel settings. one where it was stated Vertex > Pixel > Emulation, so I had tried the lower two.
No Vsync as is only needed for tearing, and is not necessary.
On any settings between medium-low no differences in frame rate.
(Is there a way to show frame rate? Will search into this..)
No issues in the utilization.
No changes when services disabled.
Tried booting a psobb.exe shortcut with a command to set priority to high, no difference.

Brand new SSD and yes when installed checked available updates as always do via manufacturer site.
Windows doesn't provide correct drivers so I have to manually install a few via laptop manufacturer site.
All drivers updated via windows through computer management.
Other than the SSD the configuration is the same as it was in the past when PSOBB was functioning properly.
Only grabbed HP's diagnostic to verify I hadn't missed anything.

Other things.
Most of my other games, have experienced a boost in performance because of the SSD.
This seems like a connection or frame rate issue that I only appear to be having with PSOBB upon ship login.
One thing I've pondered is a issue with .Net Framework? I'm not to sure.
It's just odd that the XP compatibility is crippling the program even more when it is supposed to improve, correct?
My next step is to emulate XP in virtualbox and install PSOBB there.
I'll pick up a USB 3.0 stick next time I go to the store and test a portable install as well.


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Compatibility mode basically lies to the program so it runs how it would on the other operating system. While it can result in performance gains, it can also mean nothing in terms of FPS or even run worse.

For frame rate, it doesn't really matter what so much as the consistency. If it runs at a constant rate of shit, then unfortunately you don't have much to go on. If it fluctuates or gets a significant improvement - then you can maybe get a hint to the right direction. On that note, if you make a game, does the issue persist?

The USB test is mostly to see if something is causing IO issues. You could use a 2 if you have one laying around.

I've never seen .Net framework make a difference with regards to FPS. That does remind me of a few quirks I've had with older games in the past though - tried installing DX9?

I don't think Virtualbox is going to run PSOBB, but worth a shot. Is there a reason you can't dualboot? I know I'm going to whenever I am finally forced onto 10 this year.