windows 10

  1. antirrhinum

    No. 100 error, character deletion... probably DEP

    hello! i'm using windows 10 and am having a recurring sever error and character deletion, with a steady internet connection. i have windows defender entirely disabled even in group policy, and have no other antivirus software. i first checked the DEP settings and added exceptions, did not work...
  2. zOMGPak

    Windows 10 1909 Update (No.916 Error/!DLL ERROR!)

    Introduction I'd like to give you a small tutorial on fixing a recent, but common error that a lot of private servers have been having. In the case of this game, it's considered the No.916 Error (server is full) or at the bottom left of your screen during log-in, the !DLL ERROR!. How and why...
  3. T

    [Win10] the game opens then quickly closes

    Hey! So I have this issue where when I try to play, the game's window opens and my mouse cursor in it is the right one, but then after like 3 seconds, the game crash. I followed the FAQ,nikki's newcommer guide, the readme file, tried out all screen resolutions, rebooted my computer etc. but I...
  4. hooty

    Compatibility Mode Slowdown, Windows 10.

    I haven't had this issue in the past. It does seem rather odd. I recently replaced my HDD with an 860 Evo SSD because of sector failures. Fresh install of Windows 10. I have been trying to get my PSOBB to run at at least the same efficiency as on my Windows 7 installation with lesser specs...