Blurry font


when the widescreen-launcher was introduced, i complained about blurry fonts in lobby (I think Matt was there) - and it got fixed real fast (online_compat.exe) - everything back to normal.

Now, even with online_compat.exe, i have blurry fonts again. Which online.exe i use doesnt make a difference at all anymore.

I think it was the high-res-hud fix update, which broke it for good now.

Kuromori Yu


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1. Right click on online.exe
2. Click on the "Compatibility" tab
3. Check the box that says "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings".
4. Repeat the same 3 steps for "psobb.exe"
That didn't change a thing.

The effect i have is really strange: there are chat-bubbles, which are the way they used to be, and some totally blurry. if i move around with my char, the bubbles change from blurry to sharp and vice-versa.

These are the facts:
- it started with the introduction of wide-screen launcher,
- same day online_compat.exe was included, which did fix it. (thanks for the fast fix!)
- a recent update broke it for online_compat.exe, i think it was the highres-hud update, but am not sure. (problems started last weekend)


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The old online compat just disabled widescreen mode. You can get the same effect by using a 4:3 mode and turning off high res HUD with the launcher, I believe.


Before Tofu's launcher would patch that on the fly, since now is integrated, it will still work as long as the option is enabled, he'll need to start the new launcher and disable the option.
The widescreen resolution should not affect, I guess.
I took some screenshots - i hope those will help (was kinda hard, 3/4th of the images i take are total blackness).
Some additional info: 640x480 FULLSCREEN! (very lowres, fullscreen. i might be the only who uses such settings)

when i watch at the graphics, it seems that the font-pixels are sometimes "inbetween" the real pixels and are bilinear filtered in turn. maybe this info helps? (no idea what you did for the high-res HUD fix...)


Hmm I noticed the blurry font thing on mine as well but I thought that as a minor issue since its a very small blur. What confused me was the inconsistency of the blur. When I open shortcut symbol chat menu, some text is clear and some words are not. It's a little weird because one would assume them to be either all blurry or all clear.pso1456210338.png
Notice here that the words Hooray! and Angry are clear while Crying, Help me!, and Capture are blurry.


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I've tested with the original teth client at full screen and it looks no different. If you run 640x480 full screen on a screen that should be 1024x768 for example things will blur. The hud runs at 640x480 if high res hud isn't checked.

Running full screen will lower the screen resolution and stretch the pixels.

Try this lower the resolution on your monitor in windows to 640x480 then see how blurry things look. You could probably tweak your video card settings to prevent the blurring. But this will prove that the issue isn't caused by the client its normal when lowering the resolution on a LCD screen.
Yes,of course it wont be as "sharp" in lower resolution, but before the changes to the loader - the text was same sharpness all the time, never "one bubble blurry, the next sharp".

Also - the blurriness is really unbearable - the screenshots dont do it justice. it is a FACT, that the new loader broke something i am sorry :(


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Can you try from the launcher selecting Options -> More and then increase the resolution there to the highest it can go. Then launching the game. (The resolution in that window is overridden by the resolution selected in the launcher. However the sprite resolution is still dictated by the selection in the More options window. So you should see an improvement in the text quality).