Black Paper Deal Quest Drops


I'm not sure if the drops are the same as in PSO-World. Maybe some drop is not really the Book of Hitogata in the first quest as it says in PSO-World, but that drop might be a Hitogata. How are the drops in the second quest here? Are those drops different from what is posted in PSO-World?

EDIT: Wow, this is an old topic. Never mind this matter; I found the link a while back anyways.


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I figured I'd bump this since the above link 404s. I'm particularly curious about how you get a Last Swan. The Last Swan page on Phantasy Star Wikia says it's a reward for Black Paper 2, but the page for that quest doesn't list it among the various items you can get. Is that still where you can get it from here? Also I second the idea of adding the BPD rewards to the drop charts.