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Might as well resurrect this thread since the other server is dead.

Post in this thread to arrange Battle Mode games and talk about Rule 2, 3, and 6. We currently have 7 active battlers on team BattleMode with 3 other non team members that are somewhat active in Battle Mode.

Battle 2 info:
Rule 2 is a free for all battle that takes place on the Palace/Temple map. Everyone starts at Level 1 with the techs they know outside of battle, don't worry about tech level as the game auto adjusts the tech level everytime you die(level up). You must break boxes to find weapons, armor, or shields. Make sure to use your traps (every class has access to Slow, Confuse, and Freeze traps) and Sonar in battle.

Battle 3
Battle 3 Takes place on the Spaceship map. It's filled with warps that you must use to get around the map. Everyone starts at Level 5 with all the techs they know outside of Battle Mode, tech level is automatically adjusted for you. Break boxes to find weapons, armor, or shields. Everyone has access to Slow, Confuse, and Freeze Traps

Battle 6
The go-to rule for 1v1 or 2v2 battle . A 1v1 map with 2 players, or a 2v2 team map when you have 4players. It's a small Spaceship map separated by 2 laser gates. 1 Handgun & 1 Slicer always spawn on the far right boxes on each side, make sure to get those first. Every class has access to 5 Freeze and 5 Damage traps.

Made some tables so you can see where each class stands in Blue Burst.

Non-force "Classic" Table

1. HUnewearl: Great for beginners that want to learn tech battles with a mix of weapon usage. Despite her low ATP and ATA numbers at the start of the match she still makes it into 1st place on this list. With extremely high EVP numbers all throughout the match, great MST, high TP and good ATP in the mid to late stages of the battle and she is a great class to battle with. Shifta and high TP puts this class above the HUmar class.

2. HUmar: . Probably the most fun and most popular class for 1v1, 2v2 (rule 6), 4player free for all (Rule 2 and 3) due to the perfect balance of HP, EVP, ATA, ATP and the ability to use techniques at a good speed thanks to barehanded casting. Only for Advanced players when playing against a FOnewm or an experienced FOnewearl.

3. RAmarl: Loads of MST over the RAmar class make her good compared to RAmar. Good for RAmarl vs RAmar battles.

4. RAmar: This class makes for a very fun game when facing another RAmar but DO NOT use him against another class that has Techniques. A great class to perfect your Battle Tactics/skills/whatever you want to call it. Only for very advanced players when playing against any of the above classes.

Techless Table
1. HUcast: With the greatest ATP out of all the classes, he's a very tough opponent against any good HUcaseal player. An even tougher opponent for a HUmar using no techs. Drawback is his low ATA at low levels and his inability to use Autogun without leveling up.

1.5 HUcaseal: Great ATA/EVP and decent ATP makes this class an all around good class for techless battle.

2. RAcaseal: Main drawback is low ATP and low HP. However it makes up for it's low HP with a massive DFP advantage over the other classes and the best ATA out of the previous 3 classes. Can HNH all day against HUcast and HUmar's EVP after 2 level ups.

3. HUmar: This class is very balanced at all levels in Rule 2, 3, and 6. His good balance of ATP/ATA and high EVP numbers makes this class a decent matchup for HUcaseals and HUcasts. Main drawback is his inability to see opponents traps in techless battle.

The rest suck vs the classes in this list.
Droid Table. Rules 2,3, and 6
1. HUcast: This class edges out HUcaseal as he makes up for his somewhat low ATA and low EVP with a huge amount of HP and ATP. Saber animation is a big plus if a Brand drops.

1.5 HUcaseal: Nice ATA and High EVP makes this a very reliable class for Techless battle. She has greater DFP at lower levels compared to the HUcast. Dagger animation speed is a plus. When facing a HUcast and if an Autogun drops for the HUcaseal, she will gain the upper hand early in the game and the HUcast will have to play catch up.

2. RAcaseal: Main drawback is low ATP and low HP. However it makes up for it's low HP with a massive DFP advantage over the other android classes and the best ATA out of them. Can HNH all day against HUcast after 2 level ups.

3. RAcast: Although he has good ATA throughout the match, his ATP and HP never get high enough to become difference makers. The fact that his DFP is non existent makes him the easiest android to kill.

Force Table
1. FOnewearl: High MST and boost in SI techs that have low tp cost a big plus. A strong class in the right hands. Can just spam Zonde early game, and her Foie and Barta techs are ridiculously strong in mid to late battle. Very annoying if you're playing against one lol.

2. FOnewm: Good for a beginner to Rule Battle thanks to the boost to GI and RA techs and barehanded casting.

5. FOmarl/FOmar: Fairly good techs but their HP and TP suck. Rely on your ATP only when out of TP
Techniques Power Table.
1.FOnewearl: 1st place due to SI techs. Early zonde is overpowered and mid to late game Barta + Foie will win you the match
2.FOnewm: 1st due to GI and RA techs

Tips/Tricks (aka meta shit)
How to trap shoot.
How to cancel opponents techniques with a damage trap

Having the Gamecube version as well, I have easy access to testing and figuring out all the details of Battles 1 through 6. However, it doesn't have 7 or 8. So here's what I've found and also, has maps and good info.

Battle 1 = Space Ship, "As is", Most Kills Wins, +3 Lvls,
One big load of crates with higher level equipment surrounded by switched barrier,
Delsabers lurking.
Traps: 5 of damage, freeze, slow, confuse

Battle 2 = Temple, Lv1 with nothing, Most Kills Wins, +5 Lvls, Lv1 Techs.
Traps: 5 of freeze, slow, confuse

Battle 3 = Space Ship Warp Battle, No Doors, Lv5 with nothing, Most Kills Wins, 10 Extra Lives, +3 Lvls,
Keep equipped weapon when killed, L1 Techs, Chaos Bringer and Delsaber lurking,
More boxes and lots of other enemies spawn after 5 minutes.
Traps: 10 of freeze, slow, confuse

Battle 4 = Temple Meseta Battle, Lv2 with nothing, 10 Extra Lives, +5 Lvls, L2 Techs.
Traps: 5 of damage, freeze, slow, confuse

Battle 5 = Temple Meseta Battle, "As is", One Life and you're done, 4 players=2vs2
Traps: 5 of damage, freeze, slow, confuse

Battle 6 = Space Ship, Lv20, One room with switched and some permanent barriers, Most Kills Wins,
10 Extra Lives, +3 Lvls, 4 players=2vs2, Only weapons, No armor, L5 Techs.
Traps: 5 of damage and freeze

Temple stages have Destructable Walls.

Drop currently equipped weapon when killed except you keep it in battle 3
Meseta Battles = Collect most money or kill off opponents to win.

In all battles you get to use techs a character has on save...
Unfortunately just Forces start with only Foie fireball with brand new chars.

"As is" Battles 1 & 5, Techs are the levels you have.
For other battles:
Battle 2 - Lv1 techs, +1 with each death
Battle 3 - Lv1, +1 with death
Battle 4 - Lv2, +1
Battle 6 - Lv5, +1

Some crate contents are predefined such as handguns and slicers in Battle 6, but I'm not sure if section IDs affect chances of getting other weapons in Battle mode. Last I read, they do affect Challenge mode.

Hard Mode effecting battles:
Tougher Enemies
Better weapons and armor, but have to die several times for stats to equip in battles 2,3,4,6.

Some weapons' stat requirements:
Brand (90 ATP)
Partisan (124 ATP)
Slicer (135 ATP)
Handgun (68 ATA)
Autogun (78 ATA)
Mechgun (79 ATA)
Stick (150 MST)

Of course it may not be advisable for some classes to use some weapons but...
Level needed for stats to equip:
Can use right away in Battle 6 (starting Level 20):
L11 Hucaseal - Autogun and Mechgun
L17 Humar - Autogun and Mechgun
L20 or lower: all Forces - Handgun

After dying once in Battle 6:
L23 Racast - Partisan
Fomar - Brand
Fomarl - Stick

After two deaths:
L26 Racast - Slicer
Hucast - Mechgun
Ramar - Partisan
Fomarl - Autogun
Fomar - Stick

After three deaths:
L29 Fomarl - Brand and Mechgun
Ramar - Slicer

After four or more:
L32 Fomar - Autogun
L35 Fomar - Mechgun and Slicer
L38 Fonewm - Brand
L44 Fonewm - Autogun
Foneweral - Brand and Autogun
Fomarl - Slicer

L47 Fonewm and Foneweral - Mechgun
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