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Guildcard 2
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Buying Thread
Everything I wish to buy currently is listed below
Burning Vulcans (70h+) - 50 PD
Slicer/Diska Type (No AB, any/no spec) 100h - 1 PH

I will buy your meseta endlessly.
Do you have 1 million? Do you have 10 million? Do you have 100 million?
Don't post in Discord; trade it all to me!
I shall buy all at 500k:1 endlessly.​
Tech Disks
Anti 7 x22​
Willing to Negotiate

High Stats:
Love Heart/Sweetheart x3 [Easter Gambles] ~ 40+ DFP - 99 PD

Max DFP:
Safety Heart [Easter Gambles] ?? PD
Brightness Circle x3 - 30 PD
Regenerate Gear Adv - 15 PD
Spirit Curiass - 10 PD

Complete Max Only:
Ricos Earrings - 30 PD
Crimson Coat - 30 PD
Attribute Plate - 10 PD
Sacred Cloth x2 - 50 PD
Kasami Bracer - 50 PD
Lieutenant mantle x3 - 20 PD
Yata Mirror- 10 PD
D-Parts ver1.01 - 50 PD
S-Parts ver2.01 - 50 PD
Foie & Rafoie Merge (or 1x Red Barrier) - 20 PD
Tempest Cloak - 30 PD
Cursed Cloak - 30 PD
Select Cloak - 30 PD
Ignition Cloak x2 - 80 PD
Congeal Cloak - 30 PD
Rupika - 20 PD

To be added
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Hi Spuz >^w^<
Do you want to buy me a big pile of 18Millions Mesetas ?!
I'll be online right now for several hours and I could trade in 16 Million Meseta. xD

I was asleep sorry and been at nans all day because of gardening. If your on later this even send me a message.
Hi Spuz ^w^,
I have a bunch of 7M500K Mesetas !
Tell me when you are on game and available to meet.
Got some PD's again so back to buying meseta (but nothing else currently).
Hello Spuz ^w^
I have 4M Mesetas, Grants Lv26, Jellen Lv30 & Zalure Lv30. Are you ok for 10Pds ?
Added prices to guards but willing to negotiate still.