At what levels are the different Extermination, VR, and Event quests valuable?


As someone who plays mostly Solo and has never been past the level 40s, I realized that there is probably so much that I'm missing out on. I have seen guides on different quests, monster guides with which quests have lots of one or another monsters, and guides for specific quests like that black paper quest. But, I haven't found a guide that lays out what you can do based on your level range.

So, I've spent lots of time trying out different missions and feeling super lost or unfulfilled because it wasn't actually worth my time or it should have been done with a purpose in mind.

If any of you wonderful PSO'ers have feedback on what quests a character should look at based on their stage of life in the game (When I say level range, I'm actually saying first-time character who doesn't actually know all the cool things PSO has to offer - not first-time characters funded by higher level counterparts with super-powerful-mags and ultra-rare-or-super-weapons).

I also have no idea what sort of response I'm going to get here, but, I felt this is the right place to ask it. It'd be nice to have a tourists-guide sort of compendium for what there is to do in this game outside of "TTF" especially for newer players and lower levels. It also fits into the General board since the things available on Ephinea may not be the same elsewhere, so if there are perks to this server that certain levels should be aware of it would be fantastic to know them.

And I want to clarify, I'm not asking for "Where to train at what level" but more "What is feasible for me to do at what level" -- e.g. the level range for a quest that doesn't give me anything but a cool equip with 0 stats that looks pretty, would be just as viable an answer as a quest that gives a lot of meseta or experience from massive amounts of monsters.

Thanks! :)

Side ADHD note question for anyone who may know -- there's this "RANDOM XRD STAGE" mission in EP 1. It basically states "You need a RED character" for some reason about some bug in the mission. Any idea what is meant by a RED character? Clothing? sectionid? specific level? guild? Is this irrelevant because you don't actually need a red character but you did for the original version of the quest? etcetcetc. If anyone knows, I'd love to hear your knowledge.

Happy playing! ^^


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The issue with the question "what is feasible for me to do at what level" is that your performance in PSO doesn't depend on your level at all, but rather your stat build (materials/mag), equipment (weapons/armour/units), and your class (plus how well you actually understand PSO. It's very possible to be "bad" and not be able to clear something)

It's very possible to do everything at a rather low level if you transferred, bought or found the right gear and are playing a strong class for soloing (such as HUcast, or RAmar).

There's no concrete answer to this question, so all I can say is: Try to do stuff and see what you can do. If you can get a few rooms in without taking an eternity, you're probably fine.

PS: Red player is the gem colour on the left side of the screen.


When I started fresh I made a bunch of one player mode games, since one player seems to lower the ata requirement to hit and drastically reduces mob/boss hp. Pretty much just rushed dragon to twenty, doesn't take much time.

once dragon became easy on hard/vh i switched to episode 4 (depending on class, Fo is easiest there imo) and did the warriors pride/pioneer spirit quests since those give you two npc meat shields to hide behind and the rares can drop photon crystals which turn into gear via black paper. By the time I was burning through episode 4 it would generally be time for the next difficulty.

Forest of sorrow is a good solo quest with an npc escort as well, especially if you're hunting a drop from hildelts/bears. Phantasmal world three in episode 2 is excellent for boxes, if you google that a guide will come up for it but you generally need to be high level for the difficulty you're on to make it worth it. Doing dragon ttf laps gives decent meseta and some valuable weapons drop there. Check out a Claire's deal guide to see what's worth keeping.

Oh, another helpful thing was Coren, I had no idea about how useful he is. He's the npc that shows up outside the shop in multi games. If you farm up a ton of meseta you can just keep doing the 1k gamble over and over until he gives you the god/units you need, there's a chart for what he gives when on this site. 4x god/power or whatever will really speed up your leveling.

if i had to give you one piece of advice based on what to do when, I'd say look at your section ID drop charts and decide what you want to hunt (that you can kill). Then just search for one of the enemy count guides and see where you can find the most whatever-you-needs. With double xp leveling goes pretty fast and honestly it's a lot more fun to actually hunt something rather than spam ttf without the hope of a decent rare.