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Good morning Ephinea players, this will be somewhat of a non-standard post, but I would like to give you a reminder and refresher on dealing with bad behaviour on the server.

As Ephinea is growing and becoming more popular, it is expected that a few bad apples will end up being around that actively make the experience of playing here less than enjoyable. Lately, I've been hearing many things through the grapevine about certain individuals that are causing drama, tension and giving an overall bad vibe to the server atmosphere, however, nobody is stepping up to report this behaviour and allowing these individuals to get away with their actions (as with no concrete knowledge and evidence, the server staff are unable to take action fairly).

If you feel certain individuals are causing issues, I encourage you to do the following:
  • Don't fuel the fire, first and foremost.
  • If this user is causing distress in game, you can block users using the Block Sender function in the Guild Card menu (this blocks chat messages, mails and them joining your games. This does not work for staff members)
  • Regardless of how minor or major the offense may be, please send a report on the forums to Matt. Even if you have blocked the individual, this individual could be causing problems for other users. Please note that petty personal drama* is yours to sort out, unless it escalates.
Do not worry about wasting the staff's time. Our job is to make the experience as enjoyable as possible, and this may include giving out warnings or suspensions to certain individuals. While the developers (Sodaboy/Tofuman) are usually busy, I (Matt) currently have the time to deal with user issues.

Remember to check the rules here in order to see what is and isn't allowed on Ephinea, and remember to report users breaking these rules: http://www.pioneer2.net/community/index.php?help/terms

* On the subject of personal drama, please don't report the following:

- "We had a fight the other day and this guy is calling me a poopyhead"

However, something more similar to this could be subject to disciplinary action:

- "We had a fight the other day and this guy is constantly stalking me in games I join in order to talk smack about me to other individuals I am playing with. Furthermore he's sharing personal issues that I do not want to talk about with other individuals."

We hope you continue to enjoy playing on Ephinea, thanks!
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