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  1. raggamuffin

    raggamuffin Member

    March, Cambridgeshire
    I've always been terrible with them. So I figured maybe people can add the one's they know on PSO to help me and probably other people feel a little less confused

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  2. Dman

    Dman Dmanisback

    In my opinion DC is the biggest no no.
    Damage cancel
  3. Alakaboom

    Alakaboom Guest

  4. Alakaboom

    Alakaboom Guest

    DC is double cannon
  5. Wesneed

    Wesneed Former PSO2 Nolifer

    DF - Dark Flow
    DM- Dark Meteor
    DB- Dark Bridge
    SN- Spread Needle
    HP- Heaven Punisher
    HS- Heaven Striker
    DoB- Diska of Braveman
    SoF- Slicer of Fanatic
    FS- Frozen Shooter
    SQ- Snow Queen
    LC- Lavis Cannon
    CR- Cannon Rouge
    mkb- Monkey King Bar
    PD- Photon Drop
    PC- Photon Crystal
    PS- Photon Sphere
    sd- Shifta/Deband
    jz- Jellen Zalure
    Res- Game Reserved
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  6. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    Wigan, England
    omg speaking of res... can we just like stop doing that and use passwords instead? New players generally don't know what it means and even in my open games everyone asks "res?" and it's just annoying dealing with everything.

    I know everyone is gonna use it more now and that's ok 8)
  7. VENOM

    VENOM Eternal lenny

    Dorset, England
    Putting passwords on, typing passwords in and letting everyone know the password is annoying. I always put res on my games and 4/5 times people don't join unless they are supposed to. (Passworded games used to crash me) I agree that beginners won't know what res means but after a couple times joining res'd games, they will for the rest of their time here.
    Sometimes players just put RESERVED as game name which I'm sure works well.
    Ofc if you password your games, then that is probably better and good for you x) - I'm just not going to start doing it.
    Every time I see someone join a res'd game on accident, the OP are very polite in notifying them that the game is reserved.
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  8. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    Wigan, England
    "pass 1" 0 effort
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  9. Melirei

    Melirei Retired Game Mechanic Novelist

    Guildcard 2:
    Most of them can be either upper-case or lower-case.
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  10. GHOSTS

    GHOSTS The monkey is in the basketball!

    Res is easier for me if I'm in a game that has someone who's GC I don't have joining. Instead of playing telephone with in-game PMs, I can just res it until that person arrives, then start. Ez pz.
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  11. Agastya

    Agastya greyhound bus Event Team

    just have a static password for all your games with friend groups and then a generic one for everyone else

    setting "1" as your password is very effective at stopping people from joining your game if you don't want them to and people are polite enough to not join a room even if you say "pass 1" in lobby to the person you're talking to
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  12. Agastya

    Agastya greyhound bus Event Team

    also DC is obviously dreamcast and i refuse to acknowledge any other substitutes
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  13. Nikki

    Nikki meh...

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  14. Aleron Ives

    Aleron Ives Member

    R.I.P. Choice Search.
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  15. Nikki

    Nikki meh...

    Explain oh wise one. :wacko:
  16. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    Wigan, England
    Dunno what Choice Search is? On GC/Xbox, you were able to put in parameters in a box (stuff like, level, class, some other shit) and it'd return you a list of all players on the block (ship?) with those parameters, meaning you could search for peoples' GCs yourself without them being present.
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  17. Nikki

    Nikki meh...

    I never played GC/Xbox online, at least not for a long period of time. BB private servers were my first experience without using someone elses internet/gamecube to get online.
  18. Yalyn

    Yalyn Yeah!

    There is this bible-wait-nevermind.

    Edit: Also Choice Search=Easiest tool to stalk/mail spam others.
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  19. fishhao

    fishhao Wisest Ramar on Ragol

    Liar's Lair
    Here are some important ones

    OU: Overused
    UU: Underused
    BL: Borderline
    RU: Rarely used
    NU: Never used
    LC: Little Cup
    OHKO: One Hit KO
    BP: Base Power of attack
    BST: Base stats
    EV: Effort Values (0~252)
    IV: Individual Values (0~31)
    STAB: Same Type Attack Bonus
    DD: Dragon Dance
    SD: Swords Dance
    EQ: Earthquake
    TR: Trick Room
    LO: Life Orb
  20. raggamuffin

    raggamuffin Member

    March, Cambridgeshire
    Important Juans? Never heard of them. Sheeeeeeeeet upload_2017-5-13_9-26-2.png
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