A>Zonda lvl 30 closed


SPECIAL-Fonewmn, Gigolo-Ramar
-Will be willing to let go on pure pds but I value wants more.
-The more wants listed in the bid the more I value the bid (worth more than the combination of pd worth added together)

Reserve: 15pds

CHB: 48 Hr countdown (starting 9/23/18 5pm eastern time)
Snow Queen 30h clean

v502 - 30pds
Red Ring - 60pds
S Ranks - Demon Needle, Hell Shot, Hell J Cutter, Arrest J Cutter-60pds
MotherGarb+ - 10pds
Megid 29/30 - 40pds
Branz Launcher 50hit - 60pds
Bringers Rifle 50hit - 60pds
HS w/D & 25+Hit - 95pds (every 5% more = +30pds)
Excal w/N & 30+hit - 95pds (every 5% more = +30pds)
SQ w/30+hit -70 pds (every 5% more = +30pds)
Launcher type +65hit = 60pds
PS - 95pds
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