1. Toujours

    A> Megid 30 DONE 40pd (Plaqksa)

    Reserve: 30 Pd Countdown: 48 Hrs Resets: 24 Hrs Pds only please outbid each other by 5pds merci à tous good luck Don't fear the darkness
  2. EvilUpholsterer

    A> Technique Collection (Cancelled)

    Been trying to sell these for a while, but no takers. Reserve: 1 PD Countdown: 24 hours - Anti Lv5 (x5) - Barta Lv15 - Gibarta Lv15 - Rabarta Lv15 (x2) - Zonde Lv15 (x2) - Gizonde Lv15 - Razonde Lv15 (x4) - Deband Lv15 (x2) - Shifta Lv15 - Resta Lv15 (x3) - Rafoie Lv15 - Gifoie Lv15 - Rafoie...
  3. Firkraag

    A> Megid 30 [DONE]

    SOLD! to @Kyu for 85 PD! Reserve: 60 pd Countdown: 24 Hours Spheres are welcome at 98 pd each
  4. Firkraag

    S> Megid 29, Material stacks

    5pd is the price for Megid Lv29 99xPower Material for 10 pd (2 stacks, 19 pd for all 198)
  5. R

    Techs' Actual Range?

    I checked on the wiki, now the weapons' attack distance are meatured by some special units, like rifles are 210 units. I'm curious, is there any data for techs, with the same unit?
  6. Kalantra

    Kalvo's Boutique

    Welcome! This is Ragol's pop up shop. We accept all major Pioneer 2 currencies! PD PC =1PD Meseta 500k =1PD 250k =.5PD 100k =.25PD Discord is the best way to get a fast reply! Kalantra#8543 I am on most nights after 5:30 pm CST. I will accept listed price or any reasonable offer. Thank you...
  7. br0osh

    A>Zonda lvl 30 closed

    Rules: -Will be willing to let go on pure pds but I value wants more. -The more wants listed in the bid the more I value the bid (worth more than the combination of pd worth added together) Reserve: 15pds CHB: 48 Hr countdown (starting 9/23/18 5pm eastern time) Wants: v502 - 30pds Red Ring -...
  8. Firkraag

    A> Grants 30 [CLOSED]

    Grants Lv30 Reserve: 30 pd Countdown: 24 hours Wants: V502 / Heart Key (23 pd value) Sweetheart (50 pd value, I will add the difference in pd or gold badges)
  9. Lileya

    S>Cheap Techs (also have free ones!)

    2 for 1 PD OR 1 for 1 luck mat OR 1 for 3 HP mats: Shifta Lv30 Shifta Lv30 Shifta Lv30 Shifta Lv30 Shifta Lv30 6 for 1 PD OR 3 for 1 luck mat OR 1 for 1 HP mat: Foie Lv29 Foie Lv29 Foie Lv29 Foie Lv29 Foie Lv29 Foie Lv29 Foie Lv29 Foie Lv29 Foie Lv29 Rafoie Lv29 Rafoie Lv29...
  10. VENOM

    Elite seasons gear (Reopened)

    Reopened, 2pd minimum spend. Meseta 333k:1pd
  11. Gizonde 30

    Gizonde 30