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Hello everyone,
I'm a new player of PSOBB and since none of my friends cares about this game, I really wanted to find a place where I can talk about my experiences since it will probably be fun to veterans and a fun experience for me.
I'll be criticizing the game from positive and negatives aspects, not because I dislike the game (far from it) or because it has too much limitation, but because I really love the Dreamcast and didn't had a chance to play it in the 2000's. I hope everyone will understand that this is just my opinion and a form of online diary showing how a newcomer with some knowledge about the legacy of it thinks of this product. (I'm not a english-speaker, so if something sounds wrong written, sorry XD)

So, I've been playing for at least 35 hours, I started with a hunter and tried to go to the forest and for some reason I wasn't equipped with swords, so I pressed every single button on my keyboard until I pressed F1, I was so confused "Why the F-Buttons?" but then I finally used the swords.
I believe that a hunter is the best way to understand this game's design or at least how I felt about how much fun battling is, simply put, Position and Stakes of Starting a Attack. The monsters for the most part are slow and I can thing "ok, where should I be in this room and how much safe I'm against a Booma striking my sword into him?" The problem is that there really is a good chance of me getting hit even if I hit my target, and after some hours griding to kill Hildebears and finally killing the Dragon in Forest 2, I decided to go with a ranger for the hell of it. It was so good.
The Rangers are for me the definitive way to play the game if you want a smoother experience, it's easier to attack since it's from far away and you have more time to think where you should move, however, it's so easy that grinding alone is the most boring thing it could be, because after the forest, caves and ruins don't change the monsters patterns and speed enough to make it enganging for hours on end. Not only that, I'm in level 30 and still in the ruins the amount of experience I get is really small, so levelling is really slow. The only way to grind faster is to play on harder modes in the forest to make sure I get at least +42 xp per monster.
So, if the battling of the game is interesting but it needs grinding, and the grinding is boring for me, why am I playing?
Well, the atmosphere for a game of this era of gaming is really good, the music feels nice and melancholic in darker areas, the creatures look like they were from there but more agressive (it seems to conect with the lore/story, not sure yet). The economy is really interesting because no matter how much grinding I do, I'll be getting at least something to sell or use in future battling sessions.
My favorite moment was when I finally got out of Cave 1, and then I was in a blue cave, the door opens and I see this aquatic aesthetic while trees and grass in some places showing this Beautiful Scenery.
But wait, what about Forces? I still haven't played with it enough to have a opinion on them, once I understood fluids would be on my inventory every time, I said "screw this, back to ranger".

I know I said mostly negatives then positives, however, this is the first RPG I really enjoyed (besides MegaMan Battle Network) and the fact there is still a community to this day is inspiring, I'll be posting more about my feelings for this game in particular and see what I can do by myself in the game.
Now, today I played 4 hours and some stuff happened and I need help:

- How do I do a weapon from a right arm of a booma (I got one, somewhat grossed out thinking how it would look like)
- Got a "Visk-235W" AND IT'S AMAZING! How lucky was I? This is the first time I grinded in Hard Mode while killing some creatures in forest2.

This is everything I wanted to say about my experiences with the game, I made a team called "2000Explorer" which the concept is to form a team of newbies who want to find stuff by themselves or by socializing with the community, hope you guys see me other times.

I'm DOMO.exe, and see ya some day Hunters :D


Welcome to the game :)

If grinding starts to get dull, leveling up goes a lot faster if you join a party of higher-level players on the hardest difficulty you have access to. Let them carry you through quests like "Towards the Future" (TTF) or "Max Attack S" (MAS) and you'll level up in no time. Still, I'd suggest playing through some of the story quests on your own time to experience the game and gather level-appropriate gear along the way.

For the enemy part weapons, you have to talk to Dr. Montague in one of the Side Story quests, after completing Doc's Secret Plan. The wiki page tells you which quests. You'll probably have to complete a handful of other Side Story quests before these quests become available. I think all the Side Story quests are only available in One Person mode.

Mr. Com

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From my own experience, being a player since 2002, I've realized that this game is either one you'll love right away or hate right away; In any case whether you love or hate it, it has a tendency to grow on you. There is a feeling of accomplishment when playing this game, the hardest boundary to get across is that of your first character. This is a very grindy online game and can take many hours to not only level up, but also discovering what the game has to offer. It's a game that I have tried to leave in the past but have always come back to, like I said the game is grindy and most people aren't willing to spend the hours it takes to enjoy the adventures that await on the end-game side of it. A game that is old but sadly most people won't appreciate or are willing to discover all that it has to offer.


Hello Everyone,
Thanks Rare and Mr. Com for replying my thread and thanks everybody who has read my first post.

So, after Rare replyied saying that I could use the Booma right arm by playing side quests, and at first I didn't really cared about it, but the characters that appeared in my playthrough were genuinely interesting to me. One I'll never forget from now on is Elenor, the android who you help to bring the mags coming back and testing that big prototype cannon Dr. Montague was using. I knew from a fact I really liked her when we need to help someone in Cave 2 and I could see a body laying on the ground but needed to open some doors first, and when I approached her I was really worried like "OH @*ck! Is she ok?!"
I finally got the mission where I can make weapons with Dr. Montague and I'll never complete it to make sure I can make weapons in the future, and I also got the Booma Claw, and what did I do with it? I exchanged it for team points, simply because I'm a ranger and I want to make a real team, maybe I'll get my friends to play this at least once.

Other thing about special weapons, I actually got 2 more Visk-235W and exchange them since I already have one. I also got a new special small gun, I don't remember it's name but I won't sell it or use it, I want to have a big gun to make up for the size of my character and maybe another ranger wants it.
The special weapons really are interesting, I can get them via better rates in harder modes, and that's when I realized how the rate item rate system really feels like a gacha game but without the using money part. Basically, the "money" you would use is how much prepared are you to fight the monsters, and each monsters/my id are the rolls. For what I've played, I noticed SW (special weapons) drop from different types of monster, like the hildebars where I discovered alll of my Visks, so, my objective is not to defeat the boss in the final area of that dungeon, is to spawn as many better monster to have more chances of dropping SWs.

One thing I forgot to tell was that I actually dropped the game 2 times, this is my third time playing (don't worry, still using my first profile) and I feel like this is a game I should play in small amounts of time instead of playing it for a whole day (again, like a gacha game).
I feel like the best way to play it right now is to at least making sure I have at least 2 hours of nothing to do and making a room with no password, so that I can find more people in the game, like the time where I did that and a player called Tia entered in, she was a hunter with 146 level (I was a 36 level, going to be honest was kinda dumb founded that a player that much experienced would enter a hard difficulty room) and she had this weird shield thing and a cat mag and she was obliterating every single robot in the mines with a electric magic, unfortunately I didn't had that much time left so I had to quit, but it was a lot of fun (felt like a companion npc following her for how fast she was).
Other time I found a 28lvl Force player that I don't remember the name unfortunately and I was grinding in the forest, and both of us were getting beaten up a lot by the monsters but he would always put a healing magic after falling, maybe force character get more criticals against monsters? Not sure yet.

I really liked the experience playing with them, but I can't deny that since I'm doing personal works it's been hard for me to play, I always have this feeling that maybe I should get that project more time than this grinding game. Maybe I'll have to stop for real at some point, but I'll play it more to see at least the final boss.

Anyway, time to get lunch and working more on my website,
I'm DOMO.exe, and see ya some day Hunters :D


Hello Everyone,
I know, this time it's as only being 2 days of difference compared with the previous post, however, I have some stuff that will be interesting.

To start things of, I finally got level 40!
Last week I was something around 20-30 lvl, so this week was a success without a doubt.
Also, my mag is level 92, it transformed at 90 and let's see what it will be at 100.
Secondly, I finally defeated the boss from the mines, with the help of EA, another player which wanted to grind with me, he was level 28 and it was weird to fight something 100% different from what I fought before hand. It was so exciting to find some kind of new creature, and the battle itself was very interesting.
Thanks EA for your work with me, you did a great job.

Thirdly (and maybe the best part for the community),
I don't think I talked about this in the artbook thread and definitely on this thread, but I'll do that now.
Basically, I was on a call with some players in the Ephinea discord and I asked if the game used DirectX or OpenGL, they told me it was probably DirectX and my eyes were shining, simply because I use a software called NinjaRipper to get textures from Dreamcast games via NullDC, however, if the software is used on executables softwares like ports for pc, it can also get 3D models.
So, I think you guys know what I'm doing now:
racaseal model.png

The textures are bugged out, aparently NinjaRipper can't understand the UV Mapping coordinates on the models, and the faces of each part of the model is individual, so I still need to join/mix them all.
Once this process is done, I'll show the result in a new post, unfortunately some parts are duplicated from origin, so it will take longer than it should.
This is also avaiable for maps, like the lobby, but the textures are also bugged.
Maybe I should make one more subpage on my personal website to document the models, since the files for models and textures aren't avaiable in the game folder.

Tell me what do you guys think about this "discovery/mini-project"
, for now,

I'm DOMO.exe and see ya some day Hunters :D
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Hello Everyone,
Last time I'll talk about ripping the 3D Models (unless somebody asks something about it)

So, I finally found all the ways to optimize the process of getting the model, but to make sure you can see what I did, download this zip file and download Blender 2.83 by yourself: https://www.mediafire.com/file/1fmgq8e737bmol6/PSOBB_-_DOMO.zip/file

First: Download Blender 2.8, NinjaRipper and the NinjaRipper Blender Plugin (only works in blender 2.8)
Second: Rip the model with NinjaRipper and install the ripper plugin.
Third: When you start to import, make sure to check the "import entire folder" and then change "Auto" to "Manual", that will show you some options, change the TU and TV numbers, in my case it worked with TU 10 and TV 11.
Forth: The model and everything that was caught will be in blender, but if you just want the character model, do it in the select character because it saves you time deleting meshes you don't want.
Each single face of the body and head won't be connected, so click on (for example) a face of the head, and in x-ray mode use B on your keyboard to select every part of the head. Verify if you did it correctly by moving and press CRTL+J to put all those faces together in 1 object. Do the same with the body.
Fifth: Choose the head object, and without the x-ray mode select via select or box tool, delete them and you'll see nothing was deleted but in reality it was, it was a duplication so you deleted a clone of the mesh. Select everything of the head and go to "Mesh">"Merge">"By Distance" and every single vertice will be now connected (for you see, they weren't connected, meaning when you rig it for animations, there could be a chance of the faces showing holes where there shouldn't be). Do the same thing with the body.
Final: Select the head and then the body, press CRTL+P and select keep transformation), move the body to see if the head follows it and that's it.

Like I said before, this will be the last time I'll talk about this type of stuff and continue playing again, but if anyone needs help with stuff like textures not being transparent, contact me in conversations, for if I have time in this summer, I'll make a thread for extraction and preservation project once I think I'm prepared for that.

That's all for today,
I'm DOMO.exe and see ya some day Hunters :D