1. Emissara

    A> Heart of Daisey Chain [Completed]

    Minumum Bid: 60 Countdown: 24h Wants: Pd's, Pc's, V101 19PD, Cookies 4PDe, and Min-stat Red Ring. Buy-out: 95 PD's
  2. Brvcx

    A>Ranger/RAmar starter kit [SOLD: 70]

    Ever thought about starting a ranger, specifically a RAmar? This is the kit I used when I first started, only to realise what I already knew once again, I prefer HU's/FO's personally. So I'm putting this up for grabs. Only thing missing from my starter kit is a 50h Baranz Launcher, but a friend...
  3. Itchitaka

    Does V101 still drop??

    I've been committed to getting this item to drop for over 3 months and haven't had any luck. Every rare that drops is a Photon Drop. Is it still possible to get this item as a drop? Is the drop rate listed correct? Section IDDifficultyEnemyDrop RateUltimateSinow Blue1/3034UltimateSinow...
  4. Spuz

    S> PC x91 @1:1 / B> Sacred Duster [M%]

    B> Sacred Duster, with high machine %, other stats are unimportant. Prices can be discussed S> Photon Crystals x91 @1:1 (willing to bulk sell cheaper)
  5. Theria

    B> V101 (RESOLVED)

    Buying V101 for 14 pd and 2 pc
  6. Ai


    13 PDs + 1million meseta, please PM me or add me on discord, 10#0986
  7. Esther


    Nothing to see here :3
  8. sovereignty

    B> Centurion Ability & Item Ticket

    Looking for Centurion Ability and an Item Ticket Thanks all <3
  9. Esther

    S> V101 (Sold)

    It's a unit. It makes you move fast...With stats! You want?! >:3
  10. A

    B>Seasons stuff

    Looking for the following Season items: Charge Diska w/50 hit or greater Red Barrier Limiter Solferino Spread Needle Thanks, Gathin Greencast
  11. Esther

    S> V101 9PD (Sold)

    There's nothing to see here :3
  12. ninjaratchet

    B> V101 (CLOSED)

    Giving 15pd ;)
  13. Mikrowelle


    Would pay 15pd.
  14. Kirbih

    PC> Things

    Heart of YN 0117 lv 200 Nidra (stats: 5/145/50/0) Heavenly/Luck Spirit Berdys 55 hit Spirit Launcher 50 hit Resta lv 30 Item Ticket These are all things I have for sale, along with a v101 for 15 PDs. The Nidra is NOT actually finished yet, though.
  15. Pso131122233283753942


    After 2 straight weeks of Ma4b