1. R

    PSO:BB on Android

    Hey everyone! I wanted to share a method to play PSOBB via Ephinea on Android for anyone who would like to do so. I was inspired to post here from the discord and also in the wake of spending several days digging through old reddit posts to try and find a way that worked conveniently. What...
  2. P h o t o b o m b e d  :^)

    P h o t o b o m b e d :^)

  3. Kyle

    Anyone interested in seeing some streams?

    I was curious if the community would wanna see some streams on twitch, I've decided to give it a try for 2 reasons. First off I want this community to grow, if I can get some exposure for this game, why not right? Also I wanna better myself as a streamer, the community here is very friendly...
  4. DillyDV

    To the streamers out there.

    Is there anyone that streams PSO? I don't care if they have 1000 followers or 2 just as long as they're doing the high level stuff I've never gotten to. I've put so many hours into this game via GC but it's always been to get back to where my data was deleted which was around level 80! I'm...