1. No Resta! [Needs more Dark Flow Power!] Meme

    No Resta! [Needs more Dark Flow Power!] Meme

    This FOmarl clearly missed the memo in the lobby. The age old conflict of interest: Resta Support vs. "Dark Flow Support"
  2. Old Dark Flow Resta meme

    Old Dark Flow Resta meme

    haha I wrote words on the picture so funny haha XDXDDDDDDDDD
  3. R

    Techs' Actual Range?

    I checked on the wiki, now the weapons' attack distance are meatured by some special units, like rifles are 210 units. I'm curious, is there any data for techs, with the same unit?
  4. S

    Need a Resta Merge or the amp/Barrier

    I'm new and dont have a whole lot to trade hoping someone doesn't want it. I'm on everyday and really want one. Name is Blizzaga or shiki or or just reply I think. If trade ia desired let me know what u want
  5. S

    Need a Resta Merge or the amp/Barrier

    I'm new to the server and I really want one. Dont have much to trade my friend might have some photon drops. My name is Blizzaga and shiki is friend. Please email me @ if you got one
  6. vri

    A>30lvl Resta

    Auction for lvl 30 Resta hours 10pds reserve 15pds buyout
  7. NDW

    How to Self Resta

    With this guide you can cast Resta only on yourself, even if other members of the party are within your range. Put Resta at or near the top of your Quick Menu to make it easier to perform. You can self-Resta with one of two methods: 1) Perform an attack with (or without) a weapon and select...
  8. Kirbih

    PC> Things

    Heart of YN 0117 lv 200 Nidra (stats: 5/145/50/0) Heavenly/Luck Spirit Berdys 55 hit Spirit Launcher 50 hit Resta lv 30 Item Ticket These are all things I have for sale, along with a v101 for 15 PDs. The Nidra is NOT actually finished yet, though.