1. Wrathalos


    Yo Yo, its Wrathalos! Here to inspect your server! I am new to this server and have been recommended it by some mates. I used to play PSOBB on the GameCube way back when having a Game-cube was "Cool" even though it still is.. aha only getting a character to about level 50 before making a new...
  2. K

    B> [Closed] H/Battle, Smartlink, Hell + Arrest Raygun, M&A60 or Charge Vulcan

    Hi everyone -- been a while since I've played. (Hi mote, Spuz, Andrew, Roo, Ma'ji -- it's okay if you don't remember me d: ) I'm looking for these basics as I head into ultimate. I probably won't be able to afford them all, so they are listed in order of importance. I have (not much): Photon...
  3. Zoogy Long

    Noob Question (about SPECIAL WEAPON)

    Hello, so after some research I learned you can donate all those extra useless rare weapons for team points! I have been searching for awhile and this was the only function I can find. Thats good and all, but I was wondering are there any other uses for outdated special weapons/UN-sellable...