1. Spuz

    B> TP [DONE]

  2. jujucroquettes

    Purist shop

    I sell for meseta [/SPOILER]
  3. EvilUpholsterer

    B> A Lot Of Materials (Done)

    I'm looking to buy the materials for a RAmarl, FOmarl and a HUcaseal (all using the min max material plan). I'll pay like 50 - 60 PDs 40 or so PDs for all of the mats.
  4. EvilUpholsterer

    S> Items, Mats etc

    Selling the following, all for negotiable prices: - Rambling May (30/15/0/0) 200k Meseta - Rambling May (0/0/15/15) 100k Meseta - Rika's Claw (0'd) 1 PD - Heavenly/Power 1 PD - Power Material (x16) - Mind Material (x17) - HP Material (x18) - Luck Material (x3) Pow, Mind and HP Mats are...
  5. Forsaken16

    Forsaken's Shop! Services/Weapons/Armor/Units & More!!!

    Welcome! Providing multiple services for PD's along with a vast array of Weapons/Armor/Barriers/Materials etc. Please take a look and if you are interested in anything please leave a DM, comment, or send me a message on Discord which is my preferred method! Discord: Forsaken#0744 Items I...
  6. brionac

    Extra Stats Plan with Links

  7. brionac

    Matt's Stats Plans with Links

    Feel free to edit these templates since I have linked these stats plans to an updated SCHT class simulator without the SCHT gear. Also, I discovered a secondary link to the JP version of this simulator that you can insert by replacing en with jp in the ending /en.htm section of the URL before...
  8. B


    Hello, i am selling materials. The following materials are in stock: Power Materials: 7:1 Mind Materials: 15:1 HP Materials: 7:1 Def/Evp Materials: 33:1 Luck Materials: 2:1 Accepting PDs and PCs 3:2 as payment. I will be available for trades at around 7pm to 11pm UTC
  9. S


    Tell me how many you have and how much you want for them... Need as many as possible.
  10. Spuz

    Give Newmans 200 materials instead of 150.

    Some of you may remember that schthack did this back in the day and while we don't want to follow down the footsteps of that place, this was certainly one of the few changes that was actually good imo. Right now: Casts get 150 but as they don't have mind it becomes easy to cap these classes...
  11. Firkraag

    A> 1 pd material stacks [Closed]

    Starting them all at a reserve of 1 pd, bids to be made in two pd increments after that. Countdown: 24hr with resets x99 Power materials Winner: 9 pd (@Kork) x99 Mind materials Winner: 7 pd (@redDEAD) x99 HP materials Winner: 9 pd (@honeydrew)
  12. VENOM

    Elite seasons gear (Reopened)

    Reopened, 2pd minimum spend. Meseta 333k:1pd