lavis blades

  1. EvilUpholsterer

    A> Lavis Cannon (0'd) (Cancelled)

    'Cleanliness is next to Manager-liness.' 'Your dream Lavis Blades, for all you HUcast enthusiasts.' Reserve: 20 PDs Countdown: 48 hours Wants: - V502 (30 PDs) - V101 (20 PDs) - Galatine w/ 30h+ (Would value very highly, probably equal to value of this item) - 55h+ Sacrificial Vulcans...
  2. EvilUpholsterer

    PC> Lavis Cannon (0'd)

    Dream Lavis Blades, am I right HUcast enthusiasts?
  3. RpiesSPIES

    B>Lavis series weapon, variable hit

    Looking for a 45 hit+ Lavis series weapon with X/X/X/0 (no dark) Also a 50 hit+ Lavis series weapon with 0/0/0/X (room for dark) Offers (+ PD's): Charge Calibur [0/35/0/0|80] TypeDS/DS (30% hit arrest) - Only for 60h+ Dark viability 4s dress plate s-parts 2.01 2x poss ES Twins (Zerk, Gush)...