heaven striker

  1. Firkraag

    A> Heaven Striker [0/0/0/0|20] [SOLD]

    SOLD! for 80 pd Reserve: 1 pd Countdown: 24 hours PS @ 99 PC 1:1 Gold 1:1
  2. phelix

    Heaven Striker [25/0/35/0|15] (Done 21pd)

    Heaven Striker [Berserk] [25/0/35/0|15] Res: 10pd 24 hour countdown/resets
  3. VENOM

    A> 85d Heaven Striker (Closed)

    Save yourself some spheres... Reserve 5pd 36h Countdown 24h Resets
  4. isaksson

    A>Heaven Striker [0/0/0/15|30] (DONE)

    Res: 400pd 48hrs countdown (first bid) 24hrs reset I´m gearing my Hucast, so gear as part payment is as following Dark Flow, ES Slicer/ES J-Cutter Arrest and Hell, Excalibur, Twin Blaze, V502, RR Please put the total value on the gear you offer as payment, so i dont have to PC everything...
  5. moya

    PDA> Heaven Striker [20/0/0/0|25] (DONE, 105 PD)

    Reserve: 80 PD 24hr countdown/resets very good HEAVEN STRIKER, comes in original box
  6. A

    Beat time to Eastern standard time conversion for HS/HP

    Posting this to make it easy for people to change beat time to their time zone. EST (Eastern Standard Time) 7 pm-000 beat/1000 beats (Divine Punishment) 9:24 pm-100 beats (Berserk) 11:48 pm-200 beats (Divine) 2:12 am-300 beats (Berserk) 4:36 am-400 beats (Divine) 7 am-500 beats (Berserk) 9:24...
  7. DiZzy

    (on hold until further notice)A>Heaven striker [20/0/0/0|25]

    Let's give this a go. Wants: PDs Reserve 50pd Countdown of 48hours from the time reserve is met. (I know those PDs are starting to wake up)
  8. Yissss


  9. Found a Heaven Striker! (1/2)

    Found a Heaven Striker! (1/2)

  10. Found a Heaven Striker! (2/2)

    Found a Heaven Striker! (2/2)

  11. ★AGGREBEE★

    PC > All Things Heaven Striker Related

    Heaven Striker w/ and w/o hit Striker Plus Heaven Striker Coat Striker Unit (something like 5/150/45/0 with Mylla & Youlla, Estilla and Pilla) Thanks in advance. :3