heaven striker

  1. M

    A> Heaven Striker 0/0/0/0/35hit (CHB 670) DONE

    Minimum bid:650 Countdown:72 hours Wants: pds
  2. Usagi

    Heaven Striker [0/20/0/65|25 hit] (Finished @210 pds)

    RES: 1 pd Countdown: 72 hours Wants: PDs, PHs, PSs (valued at 99 pds) Limiter (valued at 30 pds, unlimited quantities accepted) Swordsman Lore (valued at 10 pds, unlimited quantities accepted) Any weapon "Heart of", or RR Plating (valued at agreed upon price)
  3. Melmoth

    PDA>Heaven Striker +20 [0/0/30/0|20] (DONE@20)

    30machine, 20hit Reserve: 16 photon drops Countdown: 48 hours Reset: 24 hours
  4. Melmoth

    PDA> Heaven Striker [0/0/0/15|15] (Done@17)

    RES: 1pd Countdown: 48hrs Reset: 24hrs
  5. Onikesshi

    Heaven Striker 0/0/0/0 |40h Done (1460)

    Heaven Striker 0/0/0/0 |40h Res: 1250 pd Countdown: 72 hours Resets: 24 hours minimum increase: 10 pd
  6. Onikesshi


  7. Onikesshi

    A> Heaven Striker 0/35/0/0 |25h (CHB: 65)

    Heaven Striker 0/35/0/0 |25h Res: 65 pd Countdown: 48 hours Resets: 24 hours
  8. Toujours

    A> Heaven Striker [0/0/0/40|20] CHB:70 (over)

    Decent hit for a starter, with a considerable boost to dark. Hope someone gets good use out of it! Reserve: 50pd Countdown: 72hrs Resets: 24hrs Minimum bid increments: +5pd to previous highest bidder Good luck to all!
  9. C

    A>Heaven Striker 15/0/0/0/25 CHB 60 pd (done)

    Countdown- 48 hours after first bid Reserve- 30 pd CHB: days 60 pd

    A> Heaven Striker 0/30/0/0/30hit (CHB 280pds) DONE

    Hello 1st bid (5:37pm GMT+1) RES: 200pds Countdown: 48h Reset: 24h Wants: pds/ph PS-97pds Best of luck
  11. brnnub

    S> RL (DF Set/Calibur), 70h Calibur, 25H/15H HS, Demon Mechs, etc.

    S-RANK MECHGUN DEMONS [Demons] - 80 Dark Flow [0/50/0/50|50] - 55 Heaven Striker +20 [Berserk] [0/15/15/0|15] - 20 Arms +10 [Charge] [0/0/0/0|55] - 10 Lavis Cannon [0/50/25/35|0] - 10 Calibur [Arrest] [0/50/0/50|50] - 5 Slicer of Fanatic [Demon's] [0/0/0/0|15] - 3 SOLD: Calibur +4...
  12. Brvcx

    A>Ranger/RAmar starter kit [SOLD: 70]

    Ever thought about starting a ranger, specifically a RAmar? This is the kit I used when I first started, only to realise what I already knew once again, I prefer HU's/FO's personally. So I'm putting this up for grabs. Only thing missing from my starter kit is a 50h Baranz Launcher, but a friend...
  13. Toujours

    A> Heaven Striker 20/0/0/0[25] OVER 85PD Spuz

    Res: 1 Countdown: 48H Resets: 24H feel free to supplement your bids with pictures of heavenly beings striking various things for entertainment purposes Good luck to all!
  14. Firkraag

    A> Heaven Striker [0/0/0/0|20] [SOLD]

    SOLD! for 80 pd Reserve: 1 pd Countdown: 24 hours PS @ 99 PC 1:1 Gold 1:1
  15. phelix

    Heaven Striker [25/0/35/0|15] (Done 21pd)

    Heaven Striker [Berserk] [25/0/35/0|15] Res: 10pd 24 hour countdown/resets
  16. VENOM

    A> 85d Heaven Striker (Closed)

    Save yourself some spheres... Reserve 5pd 36h Countdown 24h Resets
  17. isaksson

    A>Heaven Striker [0/0/0/15|30] (DONE)

    Res: 400pd 48hrs countdown (first bid) 24hrs reset I´m gearing my Hucast, so gear as part payment is as following Dark Flow, ES Slicer/ES J-Cutter Arrest and Hell, Excalibur, Twin Blaze, V502, RR Please put the total value on the gear you offer as payment, so i dont have to PC everything...
  18. moya

    PDA> Heaven Striker [20/0/0/0|25] (DONE, 105 PD)

    Reserve: 80 PD 24hr countdown/resets very good HEAVEN STRIKER, comes in original box
  19. A

    Beat time to Eastern standard time conversion for HS/HP

    Posting this to make it easy for people to change beat time to their time zone. EST (Eastern Standard Time) 7 pm-000 beat/1000 beats (Divine Punishment) 9:24 pm-100 beats (Berserk) 11:48 pm-200 beats (Divine) 2:12 am-300 beats (Berserk) 4:36 am-400 beats (Divine) 7 am-500 beats (Berserk) 9:24...
  20. DiZzy

    (on hold until further notice)A>Heaven striker [20/0/0/0|25]

    Let's give this a go. Wants: PDs Reserve 50pd Countdown of 48hours from the time reserve is met. (I know those PDs are starting to wake up)