1. EvilUpholsterer

    S> Amitie's Memo 25 PDs (Sold)

    As title states. Pricing at the top end of the market, open to negotiation, although I know it's a desirable cell.
  2. EvilUpholsterer

    Please Donate To a Noble / Selfish Cause (No Longer Needed)

    So I recently lost a pair of TypeME/Mechguns to my stupidity alongside a server synchronisation error. They took me quite a while to get, in fact they were my main goal during the Easter Event. I would really like another pair, but sadly I am too poor at the moment to buy them :( This will...
  3. jajaswipo

    S> items

    Guns Melee Armor Other Shifta Lv30 3pds
  4. jajaswipo

    PDA 15/20/0/0/20 heavens striker(Done)

    Reserve: 30 48hr countdown CHB: Dennjo(51)
  5. jajaswipo

    PDA 0/0/0/0/20 Lame(Done)

    Min bid:30 48hr countdown Current CHB: Denjo(55)
  6. Klekt

    [DONE] A>0/40/0/0|95 Charge Arms 14PS

    Hey. It's gonna have to go; I'm auctioning the 0/40/0/0|95 Charge Arms. 72hour resets, starting bid: 500PDs. Super Duper Want: Calibur/DF 100h Super Want: Calibur/DF 85H or higher Wants: PSs 1:95 Charge/Berserk Vulcan 70h or higher low/mid RRx2 35 jizai/shouren/guren with 40H or higher, that...