1. andameal

    New PSO-inspired game released!

    Hey all, PSO is one of my all time fave games. I started playing on GameCube when I was in elementary school ~20 years ago. I recently completed a game called Bounty Hunter Forest (BHF) that pays homage to PSO (and to some of the friends I played w back then). BHF is not meant to take...
  2. RedtheRAmar

    What is your current or ultimate goal?

    Okay idk if a thread like this has been started (lmk if it has), but I got curious so I thought I would post it just for fun. I see rare accomplishment thread but not a thread about goals. Basically I am asking what is your biggest (and/or current) goal to achieve on this server?? I'll start...
  3. kaikai


    Hi, i love glasses, and scarfs (ill save that for another thread) recently lost a pair of my favorite brow line tortoise shells. sooo naturally, i want three more. now. which one do you like the most? im getting all three, just not sure which one (or two) at first. theyre all so fucking...
  4. cameron-

    Hello my name is cameron

    Nice to meet everyone I used to play on the schtserv with my friends hope to make some new friends or find some old friends hi :=]
  5. Kyle

    Anyone interested in seeing some streams?

    I was curious if the community would wanna see some streams on twitch, I've decided to give it a try for 2 reasons. First off I want this community to grow, if I can get some exposure for this game, why not right? Also I wanna better myself as a streamer, the community here is very friendly...
  6. flatmen

    This Game Sucks

    Fuck this stupid fucking game and it's stupid fucking mechanics I hate it