1. andameal

    New PSO-inspired game released!

    Hey all, PSO is one of my all time fave games. I started playing on GameCube when I was in elementary school ~20 years ago. I recently completed a game called Bounty Hunter Forest (BHF) that pays homage to PSO (and to some of the friends I played w back then). BHF is not meant to take...
  2. RedtheRAmar

    What is your current or ultimate goal?

    Okay idk if a thread like this has been started (lmk if it has), but I got curious so I thought I would post it just for fun. I see rare accomplishment thread but not a thread about goals. Basically I am asking what is your biggest (and/or current) goal to achieve on this server?? I'll start...
  3. kaikai


    Hi, i love glasses, and scarfs (ill save that for another thread) recently lost a pair of my favorite brow line tortoise shells. sooo naturally, i want three more. now. which one do you like the most? im getting all three, just not sure which one (or two) at first. theyre all so fucking...
  4. cameron-

    Hello my name is cameron

    Nice to meet everyone I used to play on the schtserv with my friends hope to make some new friends or find some old friends hi :=]
  5. Kyle

    Anyone interested in seeing some streams?

    I was curious if the community would wanna see some streams on twitch, I've decided to give it a try for 2 reasons. First off I want this community to grow, if I can get some exposure for this game, why not right? Also I wanna better myself as a streamer, the community here is very friendly...
  6. flatmen

    This Game Sucks

    Fuck this stupid fucking game and it's stupid fucking mechanics I hate it
  7. NerdmastaX

    PSOBBX Server

    Welcome one and all to PSOBBX. This server is the result of a ton of hard work from many helpful people in the PSO community. Every aspect of the game has been looked over very carefully. Changes have been made to take away some of the useless grinding that Sega gave the game while still...