1. Abashiri

    Where do you get mag cells?

    Where do you get mag cells? By that I mean the items that evolve mags, not the mag feeding chart. I was only able to find a drop chart for only one of them on the PSOBB wiki. ...
  2. M

    Which items from blue/orange boxes are worth something?

    Can we come up with a list of items from blue/orange boxes (weapons, armor, shields, units) which I should not sell in the shop, because they might be worth something for trading? I'm thinking of the barriers needed for combinations with Amplifiers (to create Merges), weapons that are used even...
  3. Kyohei

    Question about Ephinea drop table

    Heyo, everyone. Kyo here, and I'm back with more annoying questions! Well, it's actually just one question, and thankfully it won't take 10,000 years to convey what I'm trying to say. Basically, I'm wondering if the Ephinea drop table on the main page of the website are accurate to the default...
  4. M

    Rare drops exclusive to one Section ID?

    With Ephinea’s drop charts, what are the rare drops exclusive to one Section ID? I found PSO-World’s "Rare Items Specific To 1 Section ID", but I wonder if this list is correct and complete (aren’t there any unique drops in Episode 4)? ---- (I’ll update this list when answers list/confirm...