dressing room

  1. brionac

    Choosing RGB Values for Hair Color

    This is a basic guide on choosing a hair color for non-Cast characters where you the exact color that can be verified using a website like this one here. Before starting, please make sure that you don't select Recreate on your character because I feel that warning should be said here. If you...
  2. G

    Looking for team

    Hello. My 3 friends and I are just starting off on this server and are all looking for a team with space for all 4 of us. The hope is that it already has dressing room unlocked or is working on it, and that they have patience in us leveling and working our way up. Thank you for your time reading...
  3. Oth

    Increased Number of Options for Character Creation/Dressing Room

    I've always wondered if it would be possible to increase the number of options available at character creation and/or in the dressing room for player characters. Is it actually hardcoded or is it just a question of tedious coding work? In any case, I would love seeing an increased variety of...