dark meteor

  1. Tenyo2

    S> Dark Meteor 50/0/0/50/50

  2. RoySilverblade

    LF Good Arms for DM

    I currently have a 0/35/0/35|75 King's Arms and am looking to make a Dark Meteor. I'm curious if someone has really good comparable arms that I could maybe uptrade for? Figured I'd shop around a bit before I pulled the trigger. (I saw aizens, but abeast is kinda the big stat for me and I'm...
  3. Gutsman

    [Question] Dark Meteor's Special's Accuracy, Special or Hard Attack %?

    Does Dark Meteor's special have the accuracy of a special or hard attack? I can't find this info anywhere. Please tell me it uses hard attacks's, I can't accept that it has a 39,6% chance to hit a dimenian on a max ATA Ramar with RR and 50%hit... Acording to this aniway. Can't be... right??