1. Itchitaka

    4 Parasitic Cell Type Ds or Photon Drops to Buy Them

    I just found a good Stink Frame and I'd like to try getting Lafuteria. I know you can buy the Cells from the PD shop in-game, but I just traded a fair number of PDs so I'm short. I can trade the following: Photon Crystal x13 Photon Drop x 11 Tablet Dragon Scale God/Battle Heavenly/Battle...
  2. Spuz

    S> PC x91 @1:1 / B> Sacred Duster [M%]

    B> Sacred Duster, with high machine %, other stats are unimportant. Prices can be discussed S> Photon Crystals x91 @1:1 (willing to bulk sell cheaper)
  3. Firkraag

    B> Meseta

    trades of 5 stacks or more are 375K:1 i offer bonus pds for very large trades (20+ stacks)
  4. Firkraag

    B> Meseta

    375K:1PD 425K:1PC Meseta purchased at this rate: 152 725 000
  5. Firkraag

    B> Hit% SJS

    25H+ If the owner of that Anniversary 40/45H is selling I'll drop some serious items and/or pds for it :wacko:
  6. Lepvelx

    B> Real Nei's Claw. I HAVE 150PDS FOR YOU!!!

    After a long time picking every item from the floor and selling everything i could, im finally on possession of 150 photon drops. If you have a Real Neis Claw please contact me on DM here, or private message on Discord LEPVID-19#4481
  7. Firkraag

    B> Gizonde Amp/Merge [DONE]

    bought one!
  8. Firkraag

    B> Charge Diska [closed]

    75h Charge Diska aquired, thread closed. > High hit% Charge Diska (60+) >>I will trade my "Diska of Braveman [Berserk] [0/0/0/0|50]" 1:1 for a 65h C-Diska >>>I will add PD's or items along with the above DoB for 70h+ Easiest way to reach me is on discord @Firkraag#3099 <-- Click to find me!
  9. Lepvelx

    Buy my eggs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I have 2 event eggs for 1pd
  10. Lepvelx

    Selling some stuff

    -DBs saber x4 -Flowens sword x2 -Blade dance -Photon claw -Hildebear head x2 -Booma right arm x2 -Gigobooma right arm -Photom ticket -Event egg
  11. Firkraag

    B> Item tickets and tp mats [CLOSED]

    Edit #2: I found the last of my TP mats, closing thread! Edit #1: I no longer need item tickets, only x67 tp mats! I need x4 item tickets and x95 tp mats (5:1), I'm on discord @ Firkraag#3099