1. h u n e y w a v e

    h u n e y w a v e

  2. Argajag

    A>Luminous Field [50/50 | 0/20] [0S]

    Hi I'm JC! I picked this piece of armor up while hunting badges and it has like, aesthetically pleasing rolls on its stat numbers wouldn't you agree? Certainly worth bidding on, yes? Reseve will be 5 PD (aesthetic price), 24 hour resets.
  3. Nyte

    [HC]Buying Hit M&A60 Vise.

    Topic. Hitless will be fine, but the more the merrier. Feel free to post here or pm. Once again, hardcore only. I just want it b/c it matches my Demolition Coment and Dragon Slayer!
  4. Ryan

    Jungle, Crater, and Desert song replacement limitations

    I don't even know if this goes in this forum, but here it is anyway. So I'm working on replacing pretty much every music track in PSO with other, cooler-sounding ones from the Persona series (mostly 5 but I have some gaps to fill in!). While working on this, I ran into an issue with Crater that...
  5. anime


    Prices are in Photon Drops Please haggle if you don't agree w/ my prices anime#5559 on discord if something is un-priced or you have questions Selling: HELL Scythe (HELL) - 80 WEEABOO KNUCKLE +250 - 15 Berserk Arms 60h Berserk & Charge Mechguns 60h Charge Gatling 55h Rambling May 0/0/30/0|25...