Jungle, Crater, and Desert song replacement limitations


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I don't even know if this goes in this forum, but here it is anyway.

So I'm working on replacing pretty much every music track in PSO with other, cooler-sounding ones from the Persona series (mostly 5 but I have some gaps to fill in!). While working on this, I ran into an issue with Crater that also applies to Jungle and Desert: if you replace these areas' seamless, super-complicated, and borderline impossible-to-replicate multi-stream OGGs with a single-stream one, it doesn't play music at all. It only happens for these three four areas (Crater Interior has a unique track), and it's really annoying to be able to easily mod all of the music in this game except for these tracks.

Is this something that can be easily remedied with a patch? I imagine it's a really quick yes/no answer, so this thread probably won't last long and there's a good chance I just typed this up to get a "no" and I'll just sit here quietly hating SEGA and muting the tracks for those areas.

Thanks for reading my stupid post.


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I've run into this problem before, too (imagine that! haha) and someone explained the fix to this elsewhere in the forums. I'll see if I can find it. It sounded too complicated for me to attempt, but chances are you're smarter than I am.

First thing I found, but there was a better explanation elsewhere:

Which was a link originally from CTB in this post.
Hey look, it's the two of us discussing the same thing months and months ago, lol.

I'll keep looking.
Edit after several minutes: Dangit, I can't find it. It was definitely on this message board, it was a simple(r) to follow guide similar to the one in the above link, but I can't for the life of me find it using the forum search.

Edit 2: Oh by the way, @Ryan this was the info I couldn't find earlier on changing where your loops start - pasting from elsewhere on the internet:

"If you don't want it to loop at the beginning, you can open it up in Audacity, go to View -> Set Selection Format -> samples(snap to sample). Put the cursor exactly where you want the loop to start(it's gotta be really exact or it'll sound horrible). At the bottom of the screen it'll give you the number of samples at the cursor position. When you go to WinAmp and do the LOOP_START thing, enter that number instead of 0."
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Some time ago I found some information about the multi streamed oggs... but never bothered to even try to find what it meant.
I might look into that again when I get some free time.

Hopefully is not like the table for the pac files that even when changed did nothing at all...
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Well shit, you're better at this than me now then, haha.

My current but often-back-burnered ogg project is to make an ambient sound package, very little if any music but just ambient sound effects depending on the terrain. It's surprisingly difficult to find sources that aren't behind a pay wall though...