1. Spuz

    PDA> Ultimate Christmas Present 2018

    Found in ruins Yellowboze E1 Fiasco, is white with pink ribbons. Reserve: 1pd
  2. .Kuja

    Christmas Trivia - 99 PD in prizes

    First of all, i believe i'm not breaking any rules doing this, as the prizes are free and i'll require no ingame or RM compensations from the contestants. That being said... Hey, I'm giving away 99 PDs, cuz is christmas. Below you will find 5 questions. The first 3 are 10PD value, the 4th is...
  3. Firkraag

    Event Killgates

    They should not be character based, I know some who will walk away with over 10 spheres this event and another who contributed just as many kills to the overall milestones walking away with only one because he preferred to play his main and only character. Tagging is another thing, we got...