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    A> Galatine (0/0/0/0|35)

    Has this auction ended or not? Dun dun dun. Basically Rami bid with either 23.5 hours or 24.5 hours to go depending on if your country observed DST this Sunday. If it did, Rami's bid was within the 24 hour window, while if it didn't, Rami's bid was not within the 24 hour window. So has it...
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    Ephinea Challenge Mode Records

    Updated owo
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    Quest: Twilight Sanctuary (Version 1.5)

    10/10 would die again.
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    Minor Quest Update for 14th March

    It's the continuation of the Valentine's Event quest and can only be played as a male character. This second half of the quest line will give you a Rambling May if completed. It's under Episode 1's Event category.
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    Minor Quest Update for 14th March

    Hello Hunters! Just a very quick update as some of you will have noticed the lobby change! The Hunters Boost Road quests have had their timers removed on Auldrant only. These are the New Mop-Up Operation quests in Episode 4 → Extermination The White Day Lobby and SEGA quest have been activated...
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    Maintenance complete for 13th March

    They'll be removed, the files are just on a separate hard drive that I'm going to hook up tomorrow hopefully.
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    Ephinea Challenge Mode Records

    Alrighty, this has been resolved.
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    Maintenance complete for 13th March

    This maintenance has now been completed! The Hunters Boost Road are now the New Mop-Up Operation Series in Episode 4 Extermination. Thank you for your patience! --- Hello Hunters! There will be a short maintenance on 13th March at 16:00 UTC to change the Hunters Boost Road. We apologise...
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    Ephinea Challenge Mode Records

    I've actually updated this thread at long last! I apologise for the major delay (like, very major), but I'll pay a closer eye to this now. I actually have it notify me when someone posts to this thread but somehow I've been missing them except the last post. Also with this last update, only...
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    Server Maintenance Concluded for February 6th, 2021

    For new players who are wondering about the Valentine's Event, I have added a small description to the OP.
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    The Halloween Event has begun!

    Hello Hunters! The maintenance has finished for October 25th and the Halloween Event has begun! It will last until 8th November. During the event, you will be able to find Halloween Cookies from any enemy in the game (other than scared rappies and boxes). With these cookies, you will be able...
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    New Quests: Lost FILL CANNON and Lost CHARGE VULCAN

    Hello Hunters! We are proud to add 2 more quests by @Ender to Episode 2 Retrieval: Lost FILL CANNON (Central Control Area et al.) Lost CHARGE VULCAN (Control Tower) We hope you enjoy playing these new quests!
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    Maintenance concluded for October 5th at 18:00 UTC

    Hi Hunters! Maintenane for October 5th has concluded! The Hunters Boost Road has been changed to the Phantasmal World series in Episode 2. We hope you enjoy playing on Ephinea!
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    Auction Rules (Check here first!)

    Updated some wording slightly: During the final 24 hours of an auction, the reset is a minimum of 24 hours, so if someone wants to reset longer, they can.
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    5th Anniversary Event Thread

    It doesn't apply to quest reward meseta, just dropped meseta, and all content benefits from it.