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    Ship Select: Tab key does nothing

    At least they learned their lesson and things work differently in PSO2!! :roll:
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    Best ID for each class?

    I had a skyly HUmar on schtserv for exactly that purpose :lol:
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    Drop Tables?

    Unrelated to the discussion entirely, but would it be possible for you to send these to me?
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    Quick question - Quick answer

    Oh, the quest? I didn't know you needed to unlock that, I guess I'm still too used to schtserv Thanks!
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    Quick question - Quick answer

    What is 'To the Center of the Disaster'? We just started a team and I was looking through the team rewards. Also are it and the commander blade available on this server? I figured yes since it's jp client and they've added in bpd2 and such
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    Best ID for each class?

    :lol: :lol: :lol: I just hit Lv20, decided to switch to Whitill. Should be "fun" hunting rr and the drops seem really solid in general, together with a bluefull and a yellowboze as friends we'll be ballin in no time
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    Best ID for each class?

    Yeah but they're still incredibly, let's say, lackluster in comparison to other section ids. That being said, Oran or whitill for a FOmarl?
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    Hey guys

    I had a very similar start to playing pso! Hope to play with you sometime :)
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    Best ID for each class?

    I'm having a hard time deciding on what id is best for a FOmarl -_- I'm pinkal right now because it's a straightforward FO id, but it seems like I'll want to be able to hunt lame/viv/whatever other melee shits and then there are too many options and I can't decide :shock: