XBox 1 Controller Binding Questions


Hey there!

I was trying to configure settings for my controller, and I'm clearly doing something wrong. When customizing pad controls in game, it has not only movement tied to the left stick, but also menu scrolling (up and down) as well as firing (left and right.) It appeared in the menu that these are also assigned to other buttons as well. Has anyone else had this issue, and what do I need to do to fix this? Thanks in advance!
Do you have any 3rd party programs running that handle controllers? Like steam, joy2key, antimicro, xpadder etc.
No, controller is just connected via Bluetooth (the only thing connected to Bluetooth) straight to the game. Should I use a third party program?
Easiest fix is probably to add the game to Steam and launch from there and use some basic controller template, you can also add new keybinds on Steam(may cause some lag input) or use AntiMicroX for the extra inputs.