WTB: Stuff


Hello! I was looking to buy a few things. This is a list of what I'm looking for (that I'll be editing as I start getting the things I'm looking for):

x1 V502 (preferrably) or v501
x1 Clio
x1 Hell Laser (preferrably with ≥ 50h, but 30ish is fine, will only give meseta for a low one).
x1 Cannon Rouge (no stats is good)
x 1 Bringer's Rifle (no stats is good)
x 1 Heavenly Arms

x1 Restless Lion's Calibur 0/0/50/50/50 (special doesn't matter)
x1 Resteless Lion's Calibur 50/50/0/0/50 (special doesn't matter)
x1 Twin Blaze (stats don't matter)

Thanks in advance to everyone. I encourage you to contact me on Discord: yata_garasu_13. It's more likely that I see your messages there, and it'll make scheduling arrangements for the trades easier as well.
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Bumperino. Got all the stuff I wanted, but looking for some more stuff now!