Wired xbox one controller for windows causes client code integrity check failure.


I have a rock candy wired xbox one controller for windows that I recently bought. Whenever I have it plugged in and attempt to play the game two things happen.

1. When entering text into a field anywhere (login information, creating a party name or password) I cannot use the enter or backspace key on the keyboard and I cannot use the A button on the controller to confirm. I have to disconnect the controller, type in what I want and hit enter to move on then reconnect the controller.

2. Anywhere between 20~60seconds after getting into the game where I can actually control my character with the controller I recieve a message that says "client code integrity check failure" and the box in the lower right hand corner says something like "there is no network connection hit enter to continue". Doing so boots me back to the main page.

I have duplicated the problem multiple times so I'm for sure it's the controller. It works fine with keyboard controls or my old wired xbox 360 controller.


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For some reason, your controller is modifying the game code in memory, that's what causes the failure message.

Secondly, your input problems may be alleviated by changing your input device from using an XINPUT driver to a HID driver.

Look in the technical support section of the forum for a wired Xbox One controller fix, it is at the top of the forum. I don't know if it will work for your Rock Candy controller (is that a brand?). But see if you can use it or do something similar.