Widescreen resolutions not working

Having issue with getting widescreen resolutions to work. It just loads up in 4:3 resolution set in advance settings instead.

The only recent change I've made to my pc was switching anti-viruse software from avast which was only temporary to Kasperky.

no other changes have been made since then. I have it running in compatibility mode (windows xp service pack 2) and run as admin on both online and psobb.exe.

Anyone had a similar issue
tried that no change to widescreen resolution I select. Tried adding the folder to anti virus as an exception in case that was stopping changes taking place but yeah doesn't seem to be taking hold regardless.

I haven't a clue what could of changed between now and then and the only recent change software wise was switching anti virus.


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Like Tofu said in another topic, the EXE unpacker could be slowing things down. Those with slower computers (no offense) can't unpack the code fast enough for the launcher to patch it in memory.

I'm going to put out an updated EXE here soon. Hopefully it will resolve some issues. No ETA, just "soon". Shooting for tonight but I have a couple of other things to change.
Um....this patch does sound a lot like it is the reason for the blurry font even with online_compat.exe? (it fits the time when it started, the description what you want to do as well...)