When there is no more room on Ship 10...

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by [Yuto], May 13, 2020.

What's your sidegame during downtime?

  1. PSOBB

  2. PSO2

  3. MHW

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  4. FGO

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  5. ACNH

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  6. Other

  1. [Yuto]

    [Yuto] Member

    ... The dead will play cmode until 6 in the morning.

    Hiya. Yuto here from lands untranslated. Plinked down 8,000 hours on GCN and a few pservs, and 7k+ on PSO2 and wanted to come back for a spell here during maintenance. Hope you don't mind it, I'll keep to myself and help out in-game once I get my crap squared away and properly leveled. Hope to see you strange people soon.

  2. Harborer of Hope

    Harborer of Hope That Others May Live! Staff Member

    Tropical! <3
    EEEeeeeee!!! *POUNCES and looks over Yuto-san carefully!* Mew likes you already~! With someone as grizzled as you with all those hours...you'll find yourself quite at home here dear! "Helping out" is a Wonderful way to set the mood~! If you happen to stumble across mew in game, she'll try to get you set up with any lost gear you may deem 'mission critical'. Looking forward to pouncing and playing wiff you too! Welcome Home! =3
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