When I alt-tab out the game closes


I like playing games in fullscreen, but I also like to have the option of switching out of it to do something else, or read a message I receive or something like that. Is it possible to alt-tab out of the game without it closing on me?


Afaik window mode is your answer... although I don't run full screen since ever.
Someone with a more detailed input?


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Yes this is a known issue. In fact not only that. If you run windowed mode and a UAC prompt appears the game will crash also. It's an issue with the client and while probably not impossible to fix. Not having the source for the client makes it hard to fix.

If you want to run full screen mode and want to switch between a browser I'd recommend using Steam. Add PSOBB to your stream games start the game via steam and press Shift and Tab to get the internet browser up.


That's a possible work around, thanks!

I thought I'd be able to play full screen and alt-tab out if I configured the settings correctly, but if not then all well. Playing with a big window will do, or I'll use that Steam trick if I really want to play full screen, thanks for the help! If someone wants to close this out go for it.


I'll post my borderless windowed guide here:

So i've got the game working fine on Widows 10 in borderless windowed mode (fake fullscreen) alt-tabbing works and no crashes so far.

To do this you'll need:

Windowed Borderless Gaming: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Window ... lessGaming
Your resolution settings set to windowed at your monitors resolution.

To use:

Launch PSO in windowed mode at you monitor's resolution.
Launch Windowed Borderless Gaming
Click the icon in the taskbar and choose add window.
Switch to PSO and press F3.

All done!

Windowed Borderless Gaming must be running when you play.


Probably easy to fix inside the client, but since there are workarounds, the fixes wouldn't be worth it imo.