What's with this game's optimization?


Lonely Driver
Does anyone else get super odd slowdown in this title from time to time? I don't understand it, an old outdated game that runs at 30 max has dips and dives in performance on my PC that while not amazing, can run games like Fallout 3 or TF2 almost maxed

Am I missing something? Any way to boost performance, because it doesn't matter if I have the game maxed or set to lowest settings possible, I always get the same issues in the same kind of scenarios


Toxicest player
It's a combination of being old, being coded by lolsegateam (or lolsonicteam? idk), and essentially being an xbox port.

Slowdowns are part of the authentic pso experience :cool:


JK hate paused, busy!
Try a combination of these or just on their own or whatever

Classic Fullscreen
change fog emulation type
disable advanced effect
make sure your GPU isn't trying to apply any form of anti-aliasing (and that PSO is using that particular GPU)
decrease frames rendered ahead to 2 or 1 (or try increasing to 4, but if that works you may feel the delay.)
make sure the hard drive isn't having issues (normally I never list this but I can confirm that it can be a thing! easiest way to confirm is if the performance drops happen with weapon switching and player characters loading in)
(if running Window and 'new' Fullscreen) disable Vsync in PSO options
anti-virus running in active protection mode can cause problems

pso hates aa on a lot of configurations. generally if you can run Fallout 3 and you have no anti-aliasing applied to PSO, it should never slow down when you're at the lowest settings....unless you go past Windows 7 :^) outside of my experience then.